A Guide to Healthy Nootropic Snacks | Momental

A Guide to Healthy Nootropic Snacks | Momental

Other than the wide range of mental benefits, one of the best things about a nootropic fueled diet is that it encourages rather than vilifies the intake of fats. Eating fat-rich foods allows one to feel full and more satiated. Your brain also craves these nutrient rich fats and thrives on them. The myelin sheath that encapsulates our nerve cells is fat AF, and all of our cells have a phospholipid bilayer that surrounds them. Did you catch it phospho….lipid(FAT). You need them, they don’t make you fat. Sure, if you ate an absurd amount of calories from fat and were at a net positive for the day in terms of activity, you will gain weight, but any food group would do this. You may not always plan ahead and when hunger strikes in between meals, you should know where to turn for nootropic snacks.

Snacking while on a nootropic diet may seem difficult and a bit challenging. One should choose low carbohydrates snacks and high quality fat snacks in small quantities. Think low cal, but high nutrients. Almonds and walnuts and avocados oh my, is a great place to start. Do you know how good an avocado is with just a little salt and olive oil drizzled on top, do you? It’s amazing, and will fill you up, and give your brain awesome energy to finish out your day and make it home for dinner. Do not stop at the street stand for muffins and baked goods, just don’t do it! It is, therefore, necessary to look for an arsenal of good diet snacks that can be eaten without any guilt.

Luckily, there are already an incredible amount of great tasting nootropic diet snacks that you will love munching on. Some of these snacks are readily available for grabs in the grocery or convenience stores. While others are homemade snacks which are easy to prepare and whip up in your own kitchen.

Too busy to plan your snacks? Supplementing with herbal nootropics offers a quick and easy solution. A solution that would be impossible to reach with just diet alone.

If you find it difficult to prepare your snacks ahead of time, then supplementing with herbal nootropics is a great option to ensure you are getting all of the nutrients your brain and body need for optimal daily performance and longevity. Try our daily meal replacement blend Mind, and our stress and anxiety reducing sleep aid Mend, for a full day's nutrition and recovery for brain and body. 


  •   Not all snacks are created healthy

The nootropic diet includes high fat, moderate protein, and near zero carbohydrates. “Low-carb” doesn’t always mean it is approved. For instance if you eat 5 potato chips, and say well it’s low carb because I only had so many, you’re wrong. Well, you’re right that the carb quantity is low, but the shitty factor is through the charts. No nutrients, no real energy, empty cals, liver says F U.

  •   Make sure your snacks are high fat

The macronutrient ratio of a nootropic diet differs with other diet plans such as run-of-the-mill low-carb diet. You can focus on getting plenty of fat to keep carbohydrates low and only consume moderate amounts of protein. A great way to achieve this is through eating real food snacks.

  •   Stick with whole food-based snacks

Choose healthier snacks which are preferably homemade to avoid preservatives and additives. The body is not well equipped to handle these “foreign” food like ingredients, thus resulting in inflammation. Keep in mind that food is supposed to go bad. The quicker it goes bad, the realer you know it is.

  •   Tips from Michael Pollan

o   Stick to foods that don’t make health claims

o   Stick to foods that have less than five ingredients

o   Stick to the outside circle of the grocery store

Disclaimer: Keep in mind of the precautions for staying on track. You can’t just eat whatever snacks you want and expect maximizing effects in your diet plan.

Below is a compilation of ridiculously low carbohydrates snacks for you to try. This applies for people who are busy and always on the go or for those who have time to prepare.

Grab and Go Nootropic Snacks

Ready to eat nootropic snacks are the best solution for an active and career focused lifestyle. These easy to grab snacks will help you keep up with your goal. No more reason to cheat and lose track of your diet. Here are some of the best ready to eat snacks:

  • Beef Jerky – Beef Jerky is a delicious, high protein, and portable low-carb snack. Several brands are available in the market. Make sure to read the labels as some off-the-shelf jerky has more carb content in it due to added sugar, binders, and extenders. Find the natural stuff.
  • Quest Bars – Quest Bars gives an amazing and ideal meal replacement or snack. This is available in different flavors. Each bar contains low carbs due to the erythritol that acts as a sweetener. Be careful not to overeat, as they are also high in protein.
  • NuGo Smarte Carb bars – NuGo Smarte Carb Bars are for peanut butter lovers. This friendly snack contains a minimal amount of carbs. Though it is very affordable, it should be taken only as a treat and not eaten regularly.
  • Seaweed snacks – Seaweed snacks are healthy and addictive treats that usually come in several flavors. Choose natural, organic, gluten free, and without any other ingredients that contribute to extra carbohydrates or allergies.
  • Kale chips – Kale chips are high in nutrients and have little carbohydrates. Always look for brands with no added sugar and if possible made with coconut oil or lard.
  • Nuts or nut butter and seeds – Nuts and seeds make a perfect snack and even meal substitute. Be cautious as some nuts are fairly high in carbohydrates and should be eaten in moderate amounts.
    • Almonds and macadamia nuts are great snack choices due to higher fat content. A quarter cup of any of these nuts contains around 2.5 grams of net carbs.
    • Flax seeds, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, and sunflower seeds are also great snacks because of their high omega 3s content.
    • Peanuts, cashews, and pistachios are not the absolute best snack but a tasty choice that should be taken in moderation. A quarter of a cup of these nuts contains around 3 grams of net carbs.

  • String Cheese – String Cheese is a simple and great snack that can be paired with slices of lean meat or pepperoni.  Choose the full-fat versions over the low fat as it is healthier and without added carbohydrates and fillers.
  • Laughing Cow Cheese – Laughing Cow Cheese is a very low carb, creamy, and tasty spread that goes well with a variety of foods like veggies. Choose the full-fat version. Avoid the flavored options due to additional sugar content.
  • Stevia sweetened dark chocolate – Stevia sweetened dark chocolate is a good choice for the sweet cravings. Pure stevia contains no calories, no carbs, and no glycemic index. The higher amount of cocoa, at least 80%, can also be used to avoid quick adding up of carbohydrates.
  • Cocoa nibs – Cocoa nibs are a great, quick, and sugarless alternative to chocolate. It relatively contains low carbohydrates which are better compared to chocolate chips and chocolate bars.
  • Avocado – Avocado is a great choice due to its high-fat content. This whole food is easy to eat, either with slices of luncheon meat and cheese, with little salt and pepper, or on its own. Guacamole is also another great option.
  • Sardines – Sardines are highly recommended snacks. It provides the body a healthy dose of fats and other nutrients. Also, this contains zero carbohydrates.
  • Pork rinds – Pork rinds are used as an alternative to crackers and chips as they can easily satisfy the cravings for something salty and crunchy. These are good substitutes due to its no carb content. However, one should take note of its protein content.
  • Pepperoni slices – Pepperoni slices are snacks usually paired with high-fat cheese. These are highly processed so try to find organic and hormone free slices, if possible. Also, keep an eye on the calories.
  • Iced coffee – Iced coffee should be taken with no added sugar (preferably black or brewed coffee). Use full-fat milk or MCT oil powder for creamier and tastier coffee.
  • Sugar-Free Jello or Popsicles – Sugar-Free Jello or Popsicles are a good treat for the sweet cravings. Limit consumption of these snack as they are highly processed and provide no additional health benefit.
  • Cherry Tomatoes – Cherry tomatoes are great snacks due to their lower carbohydrates. It can be paired with fresh mozzarella, basil, and olive oil.
  • Olives – Olives are a pure source of fat. It contains no carbohydrates making it an ideal and healthy keto snack.
  • MCT Oil Powder – MCT Oil Powder is specially designed for this diet plan. It is produced from the finest coconuts and contains zero additives and fillers. Find MCT oil powder in Mind our daily mental and physical performance enhancement, nootropic blend. A great supplement to curb those snack cravings midday and ensure your brain and body are fully fueled.

Homemade Nootropic Snacks

Homemade nootropic snacks offer the best quality to sustain your mental health and alertness. These personally prepared snacks allow you to choose only the finest and freshest ingredients. Here are some of the easy to prepare snacks that you can whip up in your own kitchen:

  • Veggie sticks – Veggie sticks are easily prepared using friendly vegetables such as cucumber, red bell peppers, green bell peppers, broccoli, and others. Simply slice veggies and store in containers in the fridge. For added flavors and options, you can choose from the following:
    • Wrap the veggies using your favorite low carb cheese.
    • Dip veggies into dressings and dips. But be sure to use full-fat products.
    • Use homemade guacamole.
  • Bacon – Bacon can be cooked ahead of time and used as snacks on the go.
    • Bacon wraps – Wrap cooked bacon around veggies (asparagus) or cheese (mozzarella). Uncooked bacon can be wrapped around bite size portions of chicken, meatballs, sausages, or seafood prior to cooking.
    • Bacon sandwich – Make a sandwich using two slices of cheese as bread.
    • Bacon dip – Serve as a delicious dip by adding some mayo, oil, avocado, etc.
  • Cheese dips or fondues – Cheese dips can be made using full-fat ingredients. Enjoy this fondue with other friendly snacks like veggies and low carb chips.
  • Pizza or taco rolls – Pizza rolls and tacos are prepared using baked full-fat cheese that will serve as the wrap. Use slices of lean meat, herbs, and spices as fillings.
  • Keto chips – Keto chips are made crispy by baking cheddar cheese in a dish. It is then cut into small bite size pieces.
  • Finger food sandwiches – Finger food sandwiches should be made from low carb ingredients. This usually includes grain free bread like cheese, lettuce, spinach, and deli meat.
  • Sliced meat & cheese roll ups – Sliced meat from whole lean sources; pork, beef, chicken, turkey and cheese roll ups are quick and easy to prepare. Just wrap the ham, turkey, roast beef, or any other meat around a slice of cheese. No processed meats from the deli counter- unless you know they cut it off a real source that doesn’t need to be preserved for weeks.
  • Devilled or hard-boiled egg – Hard-boiled egg is an awesome snack that is easy to prepare and store in the fridge. It can be eaten as is or in the form of salad.
  • Cauliflower crust pizza bites or calzones – Cauliflower crust is simply delicious and healthy, especially for a nootropic diet. There are a number of different recipes online for you to try. Just simply search which one suits you best.
  • Salad – Salad can range into various mixes, from mixed greens with olive oil to a more filling chef’s salad with parmesan cheese, hard-boiled eggs, and bacon bits. It is always a good option as long as you use homemade full fat keto dressing and natural oils.
  • Berry ice cream – Berry ice cream is a good and entertaining treat. Since berry alone should be eaten in very limited quantities, it can be blended with other nootropic ingredients such as coconut cream and heavy cream.
  • Chocolate mousse – Chocolate mousse is prepared by mixing heavy cream with cocoa powder and little vanilla. Make sure to use sweeteners like stevia for healthier results. For darker options, cocoa can be added to the mixture.

Healthy Nootropic Snacking Summary

Eating your way to all of the health benefits that Mind and Mend offer would be next to impossible. For example, when was the last time you bought and snacked on cat's claw, bacopa, alpha gpc, algal dha, huperzine a, 5-htp, zinc picolinate and so many more?

To Do!

  1. Research and know the basic principles and detailed information on nootropic diet. Continue to learn even if you are already practicing this diet plan.
  2. Stick to your macros. Know your reference guides as well as your checklist in order to stay on track with your goals.
  3. Always take the time to prepare high-quality snacks. This should include planning of the snacks to be served and choosing the finest and purest ingredients to be used.  Follow these and soon you’ll reap the rewards.
  4. Test. If you are not sure of what to eat, whether it is approved or not, test the different hormones and compound levels in your body and find the answer to yourself.
  5. Enjoy! The best part of this diet plan is to enjoy what you are doing as well as the fruit of your hard work.

To Avoid!

  1. Don’t get caught off guard! Use this snack list as a guide so you don’t find yourself unprepared. Take note that these instances usually lead to the accidental eating of unhealthy foods.
  2. Stop thinking that eating pre-packaged chicharrones or any other bars with fake ingredients and additional additives are high-quality snacks and are doing you any favors.

Just like any other diet plans, the possibilities of nootropic snacks are limitless. You can try simple yet delicious and nutritious options. You can also opt to combine some of the most recommended snacks with the least ones. Use your newly improved creative, nootropic filled mind to come up with the best tasting and most appealing snacks. But be sure to stick with the plan which includes high fat, moderate protein, and near zero carbohydrates.

This guide for a healthy nootropic diet is continuously growing. Have any other creative nootropic snack ideas in mind? Feel free to leave a comment below and share your favorites. This will be a great way to help others who are looking to maximize brain through real food!

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