How To Achieve a High White Blood Cell Count | Momental

How To Achieve a High White Blood Cell Count | Momental

What Are White Blood Cells and How Can You Increase Them?

White blood cells are present throughout our body. WBCs originate in our bone marrow, but circulate throughout our entire bloodstream. Hematopoietic stem cells located in bone marrow are responsible for the production of leukocytes, the technical term for white blood cells. They are a significant part of our immune system. They are the soldiers of our body. WBCs fight external bacteria, viruses, and germs attacking our body. They work to prevent outside infections from invading our body. [1]

To know your exact range for a healthy WBC count, you need to go through a white blood cell count test by a qualified physician. They will take a complete blood count of your body. You will find five major types of white blood cells. Each with a specific ability.


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The Healthy Range For your WBC Count

The WBC count in the human body should normally range between 3,500 and 10,500 depending on your age and other physical conditions. A higher or lower range can be revealing as an indication of a potential health condition. Conditions like immune deficiencies, autoimmune diseases, and blood disorders can be diagnosed through a proper WBC count test. Apart from that, the test is also required for chemotherapy or radiation treatment to treat cancer. [2]

People having a low WBC count or neutropenia, struggle with medical symptoms like:

  • Body aches

  • Fever

  • Chills

  • Headaches

While a high WBC count isn’t inherently bad for you, it may indicate that you have some ailment that your body is then working hard to fight against. A high WBC count typically indicates your body is fighting inflammation, an allergen, infection, stress, trauma and some diseases.

A low level of WBCs is a sign of a weak immune system. People with serious medical conditions like HIV, autoimmune disorders, severe infections, liver and spleen diseases, bone marrow disorders/damage, radiation therapy, lymphoma and lupus suffer from a deficiency of WBCs in their blood. Often it has been seen that any long-term antibiotics medications can also cause your immune system to weaken. So it isn’t a good idea to rush for the antibiotics whenever you have a cold or flu, when you are otherwise a healthy individual. [3]

White blood cells are a kind of spongy tissue produced inside the bone marrow. White blood cells play a very important role in our body. They fight with any foreign infection, virus, or bacteria in order to protect our body. A low WBC count is not acceptable if you are to remain healthy. There are certain conditions which cause reduced white blood cells. Any acute infection or viral infections which can disrupt the work of bone marrow, all diseases that damage bone marrow, autoimmune disorders, congenital disorders, antibiotic medications, sarcoidosis (inflammatory disease of organs), malnutrition and vitamin deficiencies, including severe infections are prime causes of a low white blood cell count. [4]


A Low White Blood Cell Count Can Make You Feel Fatigued

Fatigue is generally referred to as lethargy, tiredness, listlessness, and exhaustion. It depicts a tired and weak physical and mental condition. A state of mental tiredness is found when a person is physically exhausted for a long period of time. Physical fatigue is a condition where the person is unable to execute their daily physical activities at a normal level. However, people experiencing mental fatigue will feel more tired and sleepy, resulting in poor concentration and an inability to properly complete daily activities. [5]

There are tons of causes for fatigue in the human body. Often you feel it’s difficult to climb stairs or carry a shopping bag at the supermarket. This can be an indication of weak core muscles and weak musculature in general. Generally, when seeking treatment, centers will carry out a strength test to diagnose the level of stress and to find out the cause of fatigue. The following are some of the reasons of fatigue.

  1. Nutritional Deficiencies in Your Diet Can Cause a Low White Blood Cell Count

A poor diet resulting in nutritional deficiency or diseases such as Lupus, Crohn’s disease, and Rheumatoid arthritis can result in a decrease in WBCs and a low immune system response to foreign invaders.

  1. Mental Disorders Can Decrease WBC Count and Lower Immunity

A bad mental state like stress, anxiety, and depression can cause a lot of physical issues. While you are not having a sound mind you cannot enjoy a healthy life. So mental anguish can also drag your immune system down.

  1. Inadequate Sleep Lowers Immunity and Contributes to Fatigue

Sleep is a state where your body gets rest and your mind recovers from the entire day’s activity. Working an erratic shift or having inadequate sleep due to any other reason can lead to perpetual tiredness and potentially fatigue. Those who experience disturbed sleep or have sleep apnea also suffer from lower immunity than their counterparts who get adequate, deep sleep. Good eating habits along with a little exercise can strengthen your immune system and recharge your regenerative machine.

  1. Intake of Junk Food Harms Your Immune System

Though you find junk food extremely tasty, it suffers from a lack of nutrients, macros and micros like protein fat, carbohydrates and greens, phytonutrients, flavonoids, antioxidants etc.  There just isn’t anything worthwhile in junk food, and the pleasure you receive from eating them is brief, and fleeting. Without essential nutrients you will not have a strong immune system, a healthy mind or body. So the intake of junk food over a long period will cause many health problems, which will soon not allow your body to perform regular activities. To be physically and mentally active is simply a matter of having the energy and capacity to do so. If you are physically unfit for what your day throws at you, you will not be able to compete in this grand societal game we have, and your mind will then suffer further as you feel inept, inadequate, or incapable.

  1. Use of Antidepressants Lowers WBC count

People with depression are used to take antidepressants, which help to check their sadness and maintain a balance of sound mind and sound body. However, there are lots of side effects of those anti-depressants. Some of them can actually lower your immune system response.  

  1. Working Out Too Much Can Lower Your WBC count

The healthy habit of exercise is one approach to enhance your productivity. It leaves you with a refreshed and energetic feeling. If it is not followed by a correct diet, and sufficient rest, then you will end up feeling overly tired and fatigued. Thus, some people work out too much thinking that they will get a good result sooner, but they only end up with body fatigue and lowering their immunity.

  1. Smoking Cigarettes Lowers Your WBC count

As you all know it damages the body in many ways when you light up a cigarette. Smoking causes buildup of tar within the bronchioles(small airways in the lungs) and leads to thickening of the walls which result in serious health conditions, including low immunity power.

  1. Extreme Stress Lowers Your WBC count

Even normal stress of life, like the pain of the loss of loved ones or intense financial stress can also affect your health and immune system. In such a situation people may think that there is nothing left to live for. Such sad and depressed thoughts seriously not only make it extremely difficult to complete daily tasks, they also actually hurt you physically and mentally by reducing the effectiveness of your immune system.


Ailments That Lead to A Low WBC Count

Now let’s look at some of the diseases that cause people to commonly have a low white blood cell count.


Cancer & HIV Patients:  

Sometimes misfortune knocks and people get some serious diseases like cancer without any warning. Cell proliferation when it comes to cancer is that they grow rapidly and uncontrollably, and do not die. The normal cells in our body take time and follow a process for growth, division, and eventual end. We all have a regular cell turnover. As we age this ability for cells to turnover new ones declines. Cancer cells result in metastases that proliferate in other areas of your body and can cause tumors, which are basically an internal growth of cancer cells. Cancer is a disease of rapid and uncontrollable cellular proliferation. [6]

With cancer, your body can be affected in a very short period of time. It harms the body as the cells grow in a very fast process and create lumps or masses of tissue known as tumors. These tumors grow and interfere with the nervous system, digestive process, and circulatory systems of the body. They can also release some hormones that change body function. Cancerous cells act differently from normal cells in a human body.

They have faulty DNA, which sticks around to reproduce with rapid growth in spite of the genetic abnormalities. Cancer cells multiply, grow and divide at lightning speed and support tumor growth by supplying fresh blood to the area. Cancer cells continue to spread until they have taken over organs and other tissues. Cancer cells can travel and set up new colonies. In this way they spread throughout your body in a very short period of time depending on the type and stage. This new colony setup within your body is known as metastasis, in which cancer cells develop secondary growths away from the primary site.

Your body needs to maintain homeostasis, which means it keeps you in a state of equilibrium. Homeostasis is a balance in the physiological processes of the body. It maintains the hormonal changes of the body. While your body is fighting with the illness and struggling with toxins and exposed to chemicals, your immune system is weakening, a situation where the abnormal cells easily proliferate.

A few environmental causes are also suspected for promoting cancer. Smoking or breathing in an environment of smoke increases the risk of developing cancer in your body. Some other environmental aspects that encourage cancer are asbestos and repeated exposure to the sun. 10-20 minutes of direct sunlight daily is good for you and spurs the production of vitamin D which has regenerative capability. Just don’t burn and be overexposed to UV rays.

Your WBCs will try to fight the cancer. Unfortunately having lower immune power, which results from the secondary effects of cancer, further limit our ability to fight the disease. As a result, the infectious virus wins the fight and gets control over our body.

Healthy bodies therefore need strong immune systems. The more you can do to improve the function of this system and elevate levels of WBCs the better off you will be, with or without cancer. Immunity disorders also contribute to your risk of getting cancer. They keep your body in a constant state of stress. Autoimmune diseases are where your body attacks itself often thinking there is a foreign invader. In this state, the body suffers from a lower immunity just like in the case of HIV, where your body is not in position to fight with the disease bacteria. Those who are infected with HIV can actually end up with cancerous tumors.

Another reason for HIV and cancer to lower your immune system is the stress factor. It increases hormones related to the aging process and further damages your body tissues. Therefore, maintaining a good immune system along with a healthy lifestyle is vital for all. Proper nutrition intake, plenty of sleep, maintaining a healthy and consistent weight, and utilizing a systematic exercise program decreases your risk of disease and strengthens your immune system.


The Best Ways to Achieve a High WBC Count

Researchers have not found any food that directly produces white blood cells in the human body. However, amino acids and protein are used as building blocks for WBC production. You can consider adding Vitamins B-12 and folate in your diet as they are important for producing white blood cells. It is also noted that vitamin C, zinc, vitamin E, selenium, garlic and other spicy foods can improve your immune system. The problem with too spicy of food too frequently, is that it can be damaging for your heart and can raise your blood pressure. [7]

A low white blood cell count is representative of a weak immune system. There are typically two reasons for a low white blood cell count. Either our body is unable to produce an adequate amount of WBCs in the first place or something is destroying the cells at a faster pace than they can be reproduced.

White blood cells are just 1 percent of the total blood cells. They have an incredibly important role in the normal immune function of the body. As mentioned above, WBCs are also known as leukocytes.

White blood cells are pertinent to increase our immune function and response. They are continuously produced in bone marrow. They protect our body from the attack of bacteria, viruses and other foreign threats.


  1. Antioxidants Help You Achieve a High White Blood Cell Count.

Antioxidants boost our immune health by targeting free radicals that oxidize and damage our tissue internally, which can lead to premature aging, cognitive decline, and disease. Antioxidants help promote the production of white blood cells. Some of the best sources of antioxidants are blueberries, grapes, leeks, onions, tea, garlic, and turmeric(to name a few). Curcumin is thought to be the active ingredient behind turmeric’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Momental Mind is loaded with herbal antioxidants and greens, which make it wholly beneficial for immunity. Nootropic nutrients like cat’s claw have anti-cancer properties and boost immunity.

  1. Omega-3 Fatty Acids to Help Your Immune System

Omega-3 Fatty acids help your body function well by maintaining a regular WBC count. Food rich in Omega-3 fatty acids is herring, salmon, other cold water fish, and trout dishes. You can also add walnuts and flax seeds to your diet. Algal DHA is the main ingredient behind the benefits of eating fish or supplementing with fish oil in order to increase your intake of omega 3 fatty acids. Cold-water fish eat the algae and inherit the benefits. So if you’re a vegetarian or vegan who doesn’t eat fish, or just environmentally concerned about our impact on the marine ecosystem, getting your omega 3 fatty acids from algal DHA is an excellent workaround that is environmentally friendly and sustainable.

  1. Vitamin C to Achieve a High White Blood Cell Count

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is believed to be a booster for the production of white blood cells. The general fruits and vegetables helpful in enhancing the WBC count are lemons, pineapples, lime, berries, oranges, bell peppers, cauliflower, and carrots.


Nootropics That Help You Achieve a High White Blood Cell Count

As mentioned, cat's claw is the best solution to boost your immune function and can actually increase your WBC count. It has a great functional attribute to help with serious diseases like cancer, abscesses, asthma, fever, hemorrhage, rheumatism,  wounds and weakness. [8]

Cat’s claw is typically found in extract form as a supplement made from two plant species used in medicine. Uncaria tomentosa and Uncaria guianensis are the species used in the United States and Europe respectively. It is a claw shaped woody vine that originated in Central and South America. It has the health properties to reduce bone pain and treat kidney issues.

Cat's claw is best known for its anti-inflammatory and anti cancer properties. Lesser known is that it can help treat hearing loss and boost your immune system.  

Anti Inflammatory Benefits From Cat's Claw

It works as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory product to develop cellular health and promote improved immune function.

Boost Immunity With Cat's Claw Supplements

Cat's claw supplements help your immune system to function well. It helps your body fight off foreign invaders and infections. Which is why we included it in our Mind nootropic blend. Cat's claw helps your body fend off environmental bacteria, viruses, and germs that can lead to further breakdown and potentially disease.

Aid Hearing Loss By Ingesting Cat's Claw

Cat's claw has been studied and used to treat hearing loss caused by over exposure to loud music.

Anti Cancer Properties Of Cat's Claw

Cat's claw continues to be researched for it’s anti-cancer properties and is typically recommended as adjunct diet therapy for those undergoing chemotherapy and radiation, as these typically deplete their WBC counts.  


Doses of Cat's Claw To Achieve a High White Blood Cell Count:

The recommended dose of cat's claw for an adult ranges between 200-400 mg per day. It is good for developing the immune system of the body. You can start with smaller doses and gradually increase the dose. The product has no significant side effects if taken in correct doses of around 400mg daily. Cat’s claw was shown to have no toxicity effect at 440mg daily. [9]


Bring Balance to your lifestyle to Achieve Health and Longevity

Stress is a harmful state of mind that can be the cause of far more serious medical issues. So it is vital to keep your stress level under control and boost your immunity through adopting a healthy lifestyle. Our typical modern lifestyle is not optimal for our health. So a conscious effort needs to be in place if you are going to achieve the results you desire. You should have a proper balance of diet, exercise, and sleep. By not following a good life style we are torturing our body, which can lead to far more serious health concerns. [10]

Being tired or fatigued are two altogether different states. Usually, after a hard day’s work, everyone feels tired. However, this tiredness can be removed by pampering yourself with some good music or by watching a movie of your choice. Sometimes even having a cup of tea or a good night’s sleep is enough to relieve this tiredness. But fatigue is an extreme state of tiredness that does not go away with this conduct. It is beyond usual tiredness and can occur for various reasons. When you feel fatigue, life will become harder to live, as your mind is unable to find the motivation without the proper bodily support. [11]

Relax and recover your mind and your body with plenty of proper sleep. Proper sleep is achieved in a dark room with no screens or lights. Stop looking at your cell phone at least an hour before bed. It’s better to read on your device in book lit mode if you can. Give your body and mind the amount of sleep that they want because while you are sleeping your body recuperates and restores energy reserves.

If your body lacks rest then it will go on using stored energy which will inevitable deplete you. The sleep requirement of most adults is a minimum of 7-8 hours. For children and young people, 9-10 hours of sleep is suggestible. Along with sleep, the sleeping time also matters. The time at which you are going to bed and getting up from bed also matters a lot. A proper time schedule should be followed.

The last element to reduce your level of stress is eating a well-rounded, nutritious diet. You will be happy when your body and mind our fueled properly with nutrient dense foods. However, stress is all about your mental state and it can have a profound impact on your body and physicality too. A poor diet can lead to improper balancing of hormones that can disturb our natural state.

Drinking a lot of water can lower your stress level. An under-hydrated body creates a stress hormone called cortisol. So take care of your body by drinking lots of water. It has been seen that alcohol and caffeine can increase cortisol and can increase your stress level. At a minimum you should eat nutrient dense, whole foods to give your body what it needs at the physiological level to ward off stressors.

Above all, the most significant thing you should be focused on maintain is a healthy immune system. Try to maintain a good immunity level by maintaining a high white blood cell count. So relax your body and mind by any means necessary.

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