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How To Increase Your Entire Family’s Productivity

How To Increase Your Entire Family’s Productivity

We all have the same number of hours in a day. No matter who you are, what you do for a living, and where you live, you have the same number of hours to accomplish your responsibilities. Even on your wedding day you have to do “tasks” - do makeup, walk down the aisle in amazing, stunning wedding dress, strike a perfect pose, say “I do.” and much much more. Our life are fulfilled with multiple tasks and the amount of them is growing rapidly. Progress as a people and the growth of technology has made it possible and in some cases required to do more with the time we have. But, does doing more equal being more productive?

We all know the person who lives a fast-paced life. They are running from the moment they enter the workplace until they leave. They always have a full calendar, and they think they are indispensable. They believe they are impressing the powers that be by coming to work early every day and working late every night. But, are they?

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In simple terms, productivity is getting things done. However, the rate of productivity is not determined by how much a person accomplishes, but how much effort they put into getting the desired result. Being the busiest employee does not make you the most productive employee.

Productivity in the family

Productivity is not exclusive to the work environment. Families have a set number of hours per week to study, play sports or home workout, do housework, and to maintain the family bond. If Billy spends too many hours practicing his basketball skills, he is cutting short the time needed for school or social activities.

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How to become a productive family

It is possible to become a more productive family. We will explain a few basic ground rules that will assist you in your journey to a productive and happier life.

The first thing a parent must come to terms with is their rushed, crowded, and stressful lifestyle has resulted in a physical disruption. Here’s how:

  • Sleep patterns are disrupted and the body will have to be retrained in order to get the proper amount of quality sleep.
  • Eating on the run or skipping meals deprives you of the vitamins and minerals you need to be healthy. Junk food has probably caused stomach problems such as digestive issues, gas, ulcers, and a craving for the wrong foods.
  • You have taught your children to walk in your unhealthy footsteps.

Recovering your balance

Begin by planning and eating a balanced diet. Reduce the stress in your life. There are all-natural products that will help with this phase. These products will help you reestablish a physical time clock that will tell you when (and often what) to eat, and when you need rest.

Managing your time

This is critical in your family’s productivity. There must be a time for everything. You must lay ground rules that everyone adheres to.

  • Leave work on time. Do not give up your family time. Schedule a defined bedtime. In order to do this, you must manage the time allocated to homework, meals, sports, and social activities.
  • Take advantage of technology. Schedule special events like parties in advance. Make it easy on yourself. Instead of rushing to buy pastries, order sweet bulk delivery and set out colorful candy. This is easy and by ordering in advance you are not throwing things together at the last minute.

Keep a journal handy

Even after all the planning and scheduling, your old habits will creep up. When you find yourself in a situation that is burning your hours, write it down. This will allow you to adjust your schedules or find ways to remove yourself from the problem.


It is human nature to save the worst for last. However, changing that one thing will give you more time with less stress. Do not let your child determine when they will do homework or prepare their clothes for the next day. Teach them a better way. This lesson will serve them well in life.

Don’t be unyielding

If you have a rainy day where your activities are canceled, do not waste that time. This is nature's bounty for you. It allows you free time to do important things. Watch a movie together or play board games. You might even want to help the kids study for a test that is coming.


Being productive is easily mastered if you change the way you address it. If you manage your time and set the standard for your children, productivity will be the end result. Take your time and be willing to adjust your plans as needed. You and your family will be healthy and happy because of your efforts and that is the best kind of productivity.

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