How to Start Using Nootropics: The Basics | Momental

How to Start Using Nootropics: The Basics | Momental

Stories and testimonials about improving your overall wellness through different diet plans are widespread in different forms of media. The news usually focuses on features and benefits that can be achieved under a specific plan. “Lose 10 lbs in 1 week” or some other gimmick. Some discuss and talk about the physical changes such as losing weight and achieving a fitter physique, or emotional changes including a boost in self-esteem, but discussed less is cognitive effects like improved mental functions. Sure, it’s usually brought up how exercise releases endorphins and make you feel better after a hard workout, but food has the capability to regulate hormone production and contribute to optimal metabolic and physiologic processes.

New to most people is the idea of eating purposefully for brain health. Much focus has gone into the body over the years, but less so when it comes to our brain. With Alzheimer’s and dementia on the rise, and setting in for folks even in their 50s, we have begun to turn towards a nootropic diet or at least to eat nootropic foods, and supplement with vitamins and herbs. Since nootropics are so new to the general public there is still a lot of informing and education that needs to be delivered so that people can begin to change their unhealthy lifestyles. Even for those who say “I don’t care, I’ll eat what I want,” they rarely are ready to leave this earth when the metabolic disorders begin to manifest into physical limitations.

Physical manifestations of underlying cellular disorders show up in your 40s if you decide to not take care of yourself in your 20s and 30s. Now, it isn’t too late for you if you are unhealthy, overweight, or sick above 40. A proper diet with movement can go a long way in regenerating your tissues and prolonging your lifespan. So never give up until the final bell has actually rung. However, in the process, you are stuck with the question “how to start” or “where to begin” the diet plan the right way. Worry no more as we are here to guide you through the hardest part of a nootropic diet – starting. Here are some of the basic but very useful and helpful information that can guide you throughout the entire course of a nootropic filled diet.

Know the Diet Plan for Nootropics

The very first step towards success is to first understand what you are getting yourself into. This should include knowing the easiest and most self-explanatory definitions of commonly used terms.

What is nootropic diet?

A nootropic diet involves eating foods and using supplements that help support mental and physical functions of your brain and body. This type of diet has shown positive effects in creative thinking, skill processing, and memory enhancement. A good nootropic meal plan should include the combination of different whole foods and nootropic blends.

What are nootropics?

Nootropics are nutrients from functional foods, vitamins, smart drugs and supplements that increase brain energy and protection. They come in different forms that are highly beneficial brain and body health.


Know the Correct Nutritional Ratios for Nootropics

Achieving success in a nootropic dieting plan involves knowing the foods to eat and their recommended amounts. This is literally measured in terms of the macro nutrients from the foods and their effects in the body’s chemistry, whether or not the nutrient crosses the blood brain barrier and metabolism. The blood brain barrier is a protective measure that doesn’t allow all that’s ingested to cross.

Metabolism is a chemical process involving the conversion of food and water into energy. Nootropics affect the metabolic functions of your brain and body.

  •   Under normal conditions or typical diets, the body burns carbohydrates and uses this as its primary source of fuel.
  •   In a nootropic diet, the body is being starved from carbohydrates due to low carbo intake. The real benefit here apart from weight loss is that most carb heavy foods, especially processed carbs are poor energy supplies to your brain and contribute to brain fog.
  •   The lack of carbohydrates for utilization will start the breakdown of fats, and it’s healthy fats like MCTs, coconut, avocado, and lean meats that provide earlier satiety, and plentiful energy that your brain will readily use.
  •   Your body will then continue to burn fats to provide much needed fuel and energy in the body. When it comes to carbs from non vegetable sources, they tend to come with a lot of empty calories. Sure, you’re staying alive, but your brain and body are not functioning optimally.

Other than the process involved, you should also know the proper diet breakdown and proportion of each nutrient. This will help you figure out the macro nutrient percentages that fit in your diet. Use this as a guide to determine the amount of fat, protein, and carbohydrates to be eaten per day.


Know the Recommended Whole Foods with Nootropic Value

After knowing the proper ratio of the nutrients to be taken into the body, the next step is to determine the foods that are recommended in a nootropic diet. As much as possible, choose whole foods as they are healthier and have a much greater nutrient profile. In general, eat high fat, moderate protein, and very low to no carbohydrates. Keep in mind that too much protein, like with the Atkins diet, was and is too good to be true. Excess protein in your diet undergoes gluconeogenesis in which protein is converted into glucose to be stored and used as energy later on.

A nootropic diet plan should be composed of high amounts of fat. High-fat foods from animal sources and organic plants are highly recommended. The myelin sheath as well as the layer surrounding all cells it made up of lipids(fats). The myelin sheath as you may be aware is the speed factor for cognitive processing and neuronal communication.

  • Full-fat dairy products and grass-fed butter
  • Saturated fats and organic oils such as coconut oil and virgin olive oil
  • Avocados and berries
  • Eggs, especially egg yolks
  • Nuts and seeds, such as almonds, brazil nuts, macadamia nuts, sunflower seeds, and chia seeds

Protein foods should be eaten in moderate amounts. Choose protein foods that are healthy, high quality, and nutrient dense.

  • Fattier cuts of beef, pork, poultry, and fish
  • Other meats such as lamb, bison, venison and goat
  • Less processed meat
  • Organ and offal meat
  • Eggs

Carbohydrates can be taken in low amounts. Vegetables are low carbohydrate foods that might fit in into your diet plan. Fermenting some vegetables leads to a decrease in their sugar and carbohydrate contents. Choose organic produce, if possible, for fewer pesticide residues.

  • Cabbage; sauerkraut with probiotics
  • Spinach
  • Kale
  • Cauliflower
  • Lettuce
  • Onions
  • Bean sprouts

Do not eat high carbohydrate foods as this can ruin your nootropic diet and contribute greatly to mental fatigue, and cognitive roadblocks. Some of the foods to avoid include:

  • Fruits
  • Beans and legumes
  • Grains (even whole grains)
  • Starchy vegetables such as potato


Know the Herbal Nootropic Supplements That Are Available to You

Nootropic supplements like Mind and Mend can also be taken as they provide nutrients that just aren’t readily attainable in an everyday diet. Herbal nootropics like algal DHA, cat’s claw, bacopa, ALA(alpha lipoic acid), alpha gpc, l-theanine, ginkgo, and phosphatidylserine are among an elite group of herbals for optimum functioning of your brain and body. Some of their most popular and noteworthy benefits include:

  • Enhanced mental performance, learning ability, and information processing
  • Short and long-term memory enhancement
  • Helps burn fat by elevating metabolism and thermogenesis
  • Protects cells and recovers damaged tissues

The effects of nootropics in the body lead to improved daily efficiency and productivity. It increases motivation during workouts, supports normal brain health, and improves overall mental and physical well-being. Nootropic blends like Mind are made to keep your brain and body energized and functioning smoothly if you opt to use it as a meal replacement, for calorie restriction, or even non solid fasting. Substituting and/or combining Momental nootropics with your meals, shakes, smoothies will surely result in a better, healthier, and improved version of you!


Types of Nootropics

There are different types of nootropics, each comes from different origins and provides different improvements in the body. Depending on your needs, one can choose from the following:

  1.    Natural or herbal nootropics - These are plant based substances that help improve the health and function of the brain by using substrates from extracts that have the greatest positive interactions or building blocks that your brain and body will use for normal physiological function.
  2.    Racetams – These are the first and commonly used synthetic nootropics that help release acetylcholine which functions as a neurotransmitter.
  3. Choline – Another popular nootropic that is normally combined with racetams.
  4. Peptides – A strong nootropic which is derived from racetams.
  5.   AMPAkines – A type of nootropic that enhances communication in the brain for better memory and pattern recognition.
  6.    Smart drugs – These drugs are often interchanged with nootropics. It is important to keep in mind that most smart drugs with synaptic altering responses are synthetic derivatives. This isn’t to say that they are bad, or will definitely cause harm but you do need to be more aware of dependency issues and abuse is common.

With the numerous nootropics available in the market today, it is important to know the mechanism or how they actually work in the body. Also, know their compositions and other helpful information about these formulas that can improve your mental and physical health. Some nootropics are completely safe and are comparable to the nutrients found in whole foods. Others are synthetically made and should be strictly taken to prevent dependency issues and other problems.


Why Choose Momental Nootropics?

Momental is known for the product line of effective and powerful nootropic blends. The formulas are designed by functional clinicians from intricate studies demonstrated by the most meaningful and significant changes that occur in the human brain and body. All the ingredients used in the blends are carefully selected to promote optimum brain output and productivity. These are combined with premium and healthy fats, organic greens, and collagen protein to efficiently fuel the mind and the body. Momental is definitely for life performance.

Momental Mind and Mend are more than just nootropics. These two products are highly recommended for supporting on the go, busy lifestyles, and are used by CEOs, execs, and athletes for greater mental and physical performance.

Momental MIND – Complete Nootropic Meal Replacement

Momental Mind supports cognitive functions and physical activities especially during demanding days, but stores of these substrates remain elevated for normal daily benefit. It is perfect for elevating mental performance as well as nourishing the body. It is made from whole sourced supplements to ensure the best nutritional density and absorption rates. There are no added fillers, substitutes, chemicals, and binding agents in the composition.

Some of the nootropics found in Momental Mind include a B vitamin blend, algal DHA, bacopa, collagen protein, gingko biloba, MCT powder, spirulina, oat grass, chlorella, broccoli, and wheatgrass. Each of these ingredients has their own potential health benefits towards better memory, focus, energy, digestive health, regularity, and recovery.

Mind was formulated in powder form to increase the versatility and ease of use. You can opt to include it in shakes, food recipes, and simply with water. It is available in 2 powdered flavors, cocoa and unflavored.

How to use: The simplest way to use Momental Mind is to mix 1-2 scoops of powder with 8-10 ounces of water or any favorite drink in the morning. It can also be combined with coffee and cream, almond milk, or coconut milk if you’d like to dictate the taste. You can also take Mind whenever you feel you need a pick me up or for more energy for physical performance and mental enhancement. Mind is complete and real nutrition for your entire day.


Momental MEND – Nootropics for Stress, Anxiety, and Sleep

Momental Mend promotes a state of deep and restorative sleep for the brain and the body. It relaxes and reduces anxiety levels from stressful days. It is also made from whole sourced supplements for the best nutritional ratio. No artificial flavors, additives, and fillers are added.

The nootropics found in Momental Mend includes huperzine A, Mg glycinate, malic acid, phenibut, pyridoxine B6, valerian root, and zinc picolinate. These nootropic ingredients promote natural relaxing and calming effects towards better and restorative sleep. Mend can be taken throughout your day for anxiety and stress relief. This has to do with the anxiolytic(anti-anxiety) response to your brain. It is not a sedative that will make you feel drowsy.

Mend comes in capsule form for convenience and comfort. You can easily take 2-3 capsules, the recommended amount when winding down from a long day or if you are looking for an immediate fix to stress and anxiety.

How to use: Take 2 (for small frames) or 3 (for bigger bigger builds) capsules 30 minutes before sleeping or anytime you want to experience a calm and relaxed state. If tiredness is experienced in the morning, try to reduce the dosage and take earlier before bedtime (at least 1-1.5 hours before sleeping). You can also take Mend whenever you feel like needing focus, calmness, and health restoration. Mend helps you achieve maximum restoration any time of the day without feeling drowsy. The aptly named Mend contains 5-htp and huperzine, which trigger neuro-regenerative processes.

Combining or stacking nootropics is another way to get the greatest synergistic effects. This is done by taking two or more nootropics at the same time. Stacking Momental Mind and Mend will definitely give the best results towards nutrition and functional recovery.


What are the Side Effects of Nootropics?

Guaranteed satisfaction without worrying about any side effects is achieved when taking Momental Mind and Mend. This is because the products are made from natural ingredients to provide only the best benefits to you brain and body. Nonetheless, it’s possible for people to experience nausea or allergic reactions when taking nootropics, albeit rare with herbals, and much more common with synthetics. Make sure to evaluate and test what really causes the conditions. It is important to always know for yourself.

Allergic reactions to any ingredients may also take place and can be experienced by some people. Care should be taken by checking the ingredients listed on the labels. If you have specific grass allergies, double check our organic greens list on the label and make sure that you aren’t allergic to any of them. They really are in there, so if you’re allergic to oat grass for instance, you definitely will experience a reaction based on your sensitivity level. For everyone else without these allergies, organic greens will only help your nutrient profile. Blood tests are minimally invasive and affordable. We recommend that you get one from a local clinic if you have reason to suspect any allergy.


What are Nootropic Lifestyle Changes?

There are certain lifestyle choices and activities that are needed to be changed since it can affect the efficacy of nootropics. Some of the adjustments needed to be done in order to maximize the effects of Momental Mind and Mend are as follows:

  • Lessen the caffeine consumption from coffee or tea to eliminate anxious and jittery feelings. Merely a suggestion. If you love coffee too much so be it but just keep in mind it’s a false sense of energy, it’s only stimulating your CNS to be on high alert, which can be ultra fatiguing later in the day as your system begins to crash back to reality.
  • Eat nutritious and a well-balanced diet in all meals. If possible, switch to a nootropic diet for better and healthier results. We truly believe in putting the entire health profile together. You need to move, you need to eat nutritious whole foods, and you need to sleep hard.
  • Get plenty and enough sleep daily. Recommended number of sleep every night is 6-8 hours. Don’t take Mend if you’re only going to get 6 or less hours of sleep per night. Of course this isn’t applicable to everyone, there are those lucky few that function at a high level with minimal sleep. They hit the genetic lottery when it comes to production. For the average person though taking Mend really does allow your brain and body to hit that point of deep sleep, so if you’re waking yourself up early to an alarm and feel groggy, you didn’t get enough sleep. This is a perfect way to monitor and track your sleep habits. If you’re working really hard, you should be sleeping just as hard. We cannot stress enough that quality sleep, in which your body undergoes its greatest amount of regeneration and recovery is as important if not more important than your daily diet. That being said, please don’t eat like shit just because you’re sleeping well ;).
  • Plan and include exercise workouts in your daily or weekly routine. Proper nutrition, enough sleep, and exercise routines make the whole package towards a healthier body. You don’t need to kill yourself in the gym. Quite to the contrary. The best longevity workouts are those that challenge you, but occur with body weight loads to ensure you aren’t lifting too heavy too soon, moderate power output, and work on balance and postural exercises for your low back and shoulders. Everyone sits way too much, you need to strengthen in positions that pull you out of a seated posture. Lengthen your hip flexors, extend your low back, workout your neck and between your shoulders, pull pull pull!
  • Continuously stimulate brain functions through various mind exercises like working, solving puzzles, complex tasks, organization challenges, playing chess, answering riddles and so on.
  • Just a quick recap...The full health complement, nootropics for brain and body performance, a whole food diet with high nutrient density, low carb to no carb, healthy fats, regular daily exercise(just a little movement daily is better than a one week blast in which you don’t go back again for another week), less caffeine, and sleep! Those of you who like to say “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” no you won’t, you’ll be dead when you’re dead and your lifeless matter will decay back to the earth. Meanwhile those of us who get the right amount of sleep will still be here questioning why you wouldn’t want to prolong those good wakeful hours.

Success and positive results begin with the most productive and well-rested body. This can be achieved by healthy living through a well balanced and nutritious diet, regular exercise routines, complete rest and sleep, stress-free environments, and healthy and functional supplements. You can start with the basics and just make small simple changes to creep toward a healthier lifestyle and always pay attention to your behavior. Don’t try to accomplish it all at once, you’ll be overwhelmed by information overload and resort back to your unhealthy ways. Be wary and continue learning ways on how to achieve the most reliable and effective methods for optimizing cognitive function and better body well-being. Go out, live life to the fullest, and create moments that are truly Momental.

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