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The Best Ways To Go To Sleep - 25 Sleeping Practices on How To Get Better Sleep | Momental Nootropics

The Best Ways To Go To Sleep - 25 Sleeping Practices on How To Get Better Sleep | Momental Nootropics

Are you currently getting no sleep? Catching some good Zzzzzzzs every night can be a struggle for a lot of us. The quality of your sleep greatly effects your mental and physical health, so counting sheep and meeting up with the Sandman is very important.

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Some people who don’t sleep well usually have a lack of energy, are less productive, experience sexual performance deficits, have emotional imbalances and might notice some unwanted as well as unexpected weight gain. However, if you make some easy but necessary changes to your daily and bedtime routine, you will have a deep sleep that leaves you feeling mentally sharp, emotionally stable and have loads of energy that you won’t know what to do with!

Before learning about how you can improve your sleep you may want to understand it better. The 5 Stages of Sleep: An In Depth Look Into Your Sleep Cycle.

Caffeine Can Kill Your Sleep!


You can tank up on coffee as soon as you get up, but when the clock strikes noon, it’s hands off the coffee machine! And yes, even if you sleepwalk to your favorite coffeehouse, it doesn’t count and you will still suffer from those dreaded sleepless nights.


Nicotine Is As Bad As Caffeine!!!


In addition to the many types of cancers you are more likely prone to as a smoker, ciggies can break sleep patterns. Why? Because cigarettes have a drug called nicotine that work as a stimulant just like caffeine does in coffee.


Sleep with People Not Animals


Your pet may be your emotional support on your next trip to Hawaii, but when it comes to bringing your four-legged friend to the bed - it’s going to be a NO! Cats and dogs bring a lot of allergens such as fur, dander, fleas and pollen. Not to mention their movements throughout the night can disturb and even cut your sleep short. Get your vet or animal trainer to show you the best way to teach your animal how to sleep in its own bed, so you can get a good night sleep.

How to Encourage Back Sleeping


Sleep hygiene starts two hours before bedtime, so before you jump in the sack start to get into a routine of chillaxing in an area besides your bedroom. Keep your bedroom as a room that you strictly use to sleep and have sex in. Watching TV, online shopping and even the classic habit of reading a book before bed aren’t the best ways to fall asleep.


Turn that down!


Don’t have the TV or music volume on too high. Noises, especially ones at a high volume can make you feel tenser and just before bed is a definite no no. 


Set the mood.


Light is another sleep deprivation source. Avoid using overhead lights and switch to lamplight. Preferably low wattage yellow light bulbs won’t keep you up as much as high wattage white lights.


Say goodnight to screen time!


Continuing with the subject of light, the brightness of your electronic devices such as your cell phone, computer screen or TV is another light source to reduce. These screens give off a white light with blue waves that are notorious for keeping people awake. It does this by sending signals to eye receptors and then to parts of the brain that controls the sleep-wake cycle. All this does is accelerate your brain, when you should be trying to slow it down.


We get it, sugar and spice are delicious, but they are hindering your sleep.


Sugary and spicy foods are not welcomed to sleeping party. Spicy foods can provoke heartburn and digestive problems that could keep you up. Sugar is wonderful at giving you a powerful boost of energy, which doesn’t make sense if all you want to do is crawl into bed and sleep. If you want that piece of chocolate cake for dessert, try to get it before your two-hour bedtime prep.

You Have One Hour Before “THE SLEEP”

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Log out and shut it down.


Start logging out and shutting down all your devices. This even includes your cell phone. Light and brightness is a pretty big issue when you are getting no sleep.


STOP answering emails late at night!


Now isn’t the best time to answer emails. They can wait till tomorrow.


Temperature too high is killing your sleep.


Sweating like a pig won’t give you hours of sleep. Make sure that the thermostat in your room is lowered. Naturally, when the body is ready to sleep, it lowers its temperature because the circadian rhythm controls body temperature. When the environment around you is at an ideal temperature, about 66 and 68 degrees, the body takes that as a sign to get some shuteye. The best bedroom to sleep in is a cool and dark place. Kind of like a bear in a cave, and we all know they don’t suffer from insomnia in their hibernation months!


Open up your windows


Getting a bit of fresh air can help too. You can open your bedroom window slightly if its cool, and most importantly quiet outside. Then let the fresh air help you drift to sleep.


Alcohol to help you sleep? Yeah, in extreme moderation, sorry guys.


A shot of tequila or a couple sips of wine will make you warm, fuzzy and drowsy for a while, but not for vey long. The problem with using alcohol to fall asleep is that the effects subside in the middle of your slumber. Obviously, this results in poor quality of sack time and makes you more prone to being bothered by other disturbances throughout the night, that wouldn’t usually roll you out of bed.


Are you drinking too much water before bed?


If you are feeling really super dehydrated, flood your body with some H2O immediately. However, if everything is all good, try to limit the amount of liquids you take in an hour before you go to bed. A bladder that’s brimming with liquids means many bathroom trips throughout the night.


Relaxing hobbies before bed help you sleep, go figure.


Try to do things that relax you such as listening to your favorite songs, have a chat with someone, read something light or cleaning up some mess can make you feel lethargic. Don’t do anything that involves screens or that is aggravating like doing your taxes.


Eating too much and the wrong things before bed can kill your sleep.


Besides the sugar and spicy foods, don’t stuff your face with big meals before bedtime. If you are feeling a little peckish, opt for a light snack such as cereal with milk or cheese and crackers to steer away those hunger pangs. Hunger can also prevent you from having a good night’s sleep. Also, plan your mealtimes so you finish chowing down at least one hour before hitting the hay.

Just 30 Minutes Before You Hit The Sack!

Sex before bed helps you get to sleep.


Have lots of sex! Seriously, If you don’t have anybody to have sex with, masturbate! It’s a great way to relieve the body of tension and many people say they sleep better after sex. We know you're tired after a long day of work, but you'll be glad you made the effort, that night, and the next day.


Bathe that bod before bed and sleep like a baby.


Take a nice warm bath, but don’t wet your hair. A warm bath can make you feel cool when you come out the water, which in effect lowers the body temperature. An ideal way to let your body know you are ready to go to sleep. Sleeping with wet hair just causes discomfort, so best to leave that for your morning routine.


OMG! You Literally Feel Sleepy, So What Should You Do and Not Do

City sounds affecting your sleep?


Try to turn on a fan to drown out sounds that could disturb your sleep.


Don't try to go to bed too early.


When you feel tired, go to bed. If you go to bed before you feel any sense of exhaustion, 9 times out of 10 you are just going to experience sleep debt.


Too many blankets, too little sleep.


If you feel hot in the middle of the night and realize you are throwing blankets off in between your 40 winks, remove them off your bed immediately! It’s a clear sign you overheat at night and you want to be as cool as a cucumber to get all the deep sleep you need.


Shhh, Shut up I'm trying to sleep.


When you are feeling sleepy, it’s not a good time to get into 20/20 discussions, especially with your partner! Keep things light and don’t go into any heavy or emotional topics. If something is on your mind, even something that is work related – write it down on a piece of paper and let it go till the morning. Sleep deprivation can make issues in your love life and work life worse.


You do you! Now, quickly, just sleep.


When you are feeling tired, don’t miss this opportunity to get into your favorite sleeping position. Whether it’s on your side, back or flat out on your tummy with your face squashed onto the pillow, do whatever makes you get to dreamland fast!

If You Get Home Super Late, Don’t Feel Tired and Have an 8 a.m. Meeting Tomorrow!!!!!!

Prep for bed and get rest instead.


First of all, don’t panic! Anxiety and insomnia are linked and the good news is there are natural supplements for that. But in the meantime, get into a room other than your bedroom and dim the lights to get relaxed before going into bed. Getting straight into bed usually prevents a deep sleep from happening. If you're still having trouble, there are natural remedies to help you out.


Read a book, the more boring the better when it comes to getting desired shut eye.


If after a fair 20 minutes you still can’t locate the Sandman, do something that relaxes you like reading from an actual book, rather than an electronic device. (Remember screens hinder our sleep)


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