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The Biggest Nootropic Diet Benefits | Momental

The Biggest Nootropic Diet Benefits | Momental

How many times have you forgotten where your car keys are? What about the bills you need to pay that went overdue because you totally forgot about the due date? You can blame it on lack of sleep or poor organization skills, but the truth is you need to recharge and replenish your brain to keep it in tip-top shape.

So how will you do that?


Consider Nootropics to Fuel Your Brain and Body

A lot has been said about nootropics and their many brain benefits, which explains why it is rapidly gaining popularity among various age groups. What exactly are these benefits? Nootropics and biohacking aren’t a passing fad either. As more scientific evidence and research piles up, our knowledge of ingesting nutrient dense foods and herbs for brain and body optimization will only grow, and become more precise. Nootropics are here to stay, and the lifestyle they are a part of is one that focuses on heightened daily performance for maximum productivity. After all, we are merely competing in this grand game of life.


Nootropics Are a Surefire Memory Booster

Who doesn’t want to improve their memory, or in the very least maintain it? Many people struggle with remembering new information or recalling something that was discussed months ago and thus require several prompts, reminders, and reintroductions to convert the memory from short term recall to long term storage. You might not even be able to recite something you just memorized. This level of forgetfulness can be improved upon. Just like muscles in your body grow best with the right nutrition and proper work load, so too does your mind strengthen from nutrients that act directly on your brain, and from work load. Just like weights boost muscular strength in the gym, cognitive processes like thinking, remembering, learning new material, digesting information, decision making, and plan execution are all part of the brain’s workout regimen. The more creativity you use and processing you undergo each day, the more clean energy your brain craves to perform at a high level.


This is Where Nootropics Fuel and Protect Your Brain

Nootropics help your memory by enhancing and repairing memory-related functions with ingredients that are building blocks for hippocampal function, like ginkgo, alpha gpc, huperzine A, and phosphatidylserine. They also boost growth of neurons(brain cells) and improve the connection or processing speed between neurons to help you recall information easily and quickly. Through nootropics, you will be able to keep your memory working longer and harder, and make it easier for you to recall both new and existing information.

Still, take note that different types of nootropics address specific brain enhancing benefits. There are memory-enhancing nootropics ideal for young individuals studying and older folks who are starting to get a little forgetful. On one hand you have creatine, choline, and piracetam(synthetic) which are designed to enhance your memory while there are other nootropics that were designed to prevent neurological degradation as a result of Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease. We prefer herbal nootropics whenever and wherever possible, but that’s just us. We find substrates to be better for your brain and body as they do not alter synaptic uptake or inhibition, but rather supply the building blocks for normal physiological processes to take place.

The problem is the typical diet of the average human is less than adequate when it comes to ingesting these brain enhancing nutrients. So supplementation offers a simple solution to elevate stores of natural compounds that your brain and body will use as they see fit depending on your activity level and diet intake for the day. Nootropics help you retain and process information more efficiently. It’s easy for people to connect the dots with protein and muscle growth. If you’re even skeptical about that, try your own strength training regimen without any protein. For some reason this principle falls apart when considering our brain. My point is, protein isn’t the only nutrient our brain and body use. There are a host of herbal remedies out there with research to support positive cognitive effects.


Nootropics Will Make You Say YES to Improved Focus and Concentration

Blame it on social media, the chores you have to do, and the noise coming from outside the house. It also doesn’t matter if you are diagnosed with ADHD or you simply have issues concentrating. The truth is you will never run out of excuses when it comes to why your concentration is constantly slipping or why you can’t seem to focus on finishing one task.

This is just one cognitive area that nootropics aim to address. In fact, this is one of the biggest benefits of nootropics, regardless of the type of nootropics you are using. Nootropics, whether racetams or vitamin B extracts or derivatives, help you focus on important tasks for a prolonged period of time. We’ve all felt the afternoon lull. You were just crushing it all morning, started getting way too hungry, had to eat, then quietly drifted into a sedative, digestive state in which all you can think about is how good a nap would be right now. The combination of green tea caffeine and L-theanine and asian ginseng and CILTeP (chemically induced long-term potentiation) are also effective in improving your focus. Smart drugs are also stimulatory in nature and at the same time, give you a sense of clarity, but these are altering synaptic uptake and or inhibition, which lead to dependency issues. Another reason why we focus on herbals.

That’s not all. Apart from helping you with your focus and concentration issues, nootropics can also help in maintaining clarity of your thoughts and mental alertness. This keeps you motivated and focused to not just stay but also accomplish the tasks required from you.


Say Goodbye to Your Bad Mood With Nootropics

There will always be good days and bad days. Apparently, it’s not easy to shift from one mood to another without any booster or any form of motivation. In this case, nootropics can provide you the right nutrients to elevate your mood. After all, mood is just an intermittent, ever changing experience that is altered constantly by the way we think, what we eat, the weather, and our social interactions.

Nootropics actually stimulate mood-enhancing receptors in your brain, thereby improving your mood. Specific nootropics like L-theanine, phenibut, and 5-htp all act on your mood. As a result, you can easily overcome not just a bad mood but also depression, anxiety, and stress. Physical manifestations are all a result of underlying chemical processes that can be influenced with a proper diet and what we choose to ingest. If you can go down, you can surely go up and this leads to better focus and improved memory as well.

Vitamin B extracts or derivatives(not the same thing-derivatives are synthetics, extracts are pulled from the real deal), particularly sulbutiamine, is a synthetic nootropic that is effective in improving your mood. Combining caffeine and L-theanine or Asian ginseng and bacopa monniera are also effective mood enhancers.

Still, don’t just limit yourself with nootropics. Nootropics combined with an active and positive lifestyle have profound effects on your health and longevity. In order to stay in a happy, positive state, make sure you get enough sleep every night too, and aim for a whole food, healthy and balanced diet.


Nootropics Help Keep Your Mind and Body Young With Regenerative Boosts

Admit it. If someone tells you that the fountain of youth is true, you will be the first one to line up and have a taste. After all, who doesn’t want to live forever, or at least stay mentally and physically active for as long as possible? Genetic research and tools like CRSPR will eventually solve our aging dilemma. Components have already been identified and it has been postulated that slowing growth and aging will eventually reach reversal. For now though, we need to take advantage of what is available to us.

Many people live long and fruitful lives on a Mediterranean diet, but we’re skipping the notion that this is only attainable to the region. Quite to the contrary, we’re just borrowing only the best components of their diet like omega 3 and omega 6 in an optimal ratio, algal DHA as a source of these, and phytonutrients from a plant rich diet. Again, this is just another pixel of the larger picture. These nutrients when combined with quality gelatin, collagen, additional organic greens, and healthy fats really fill the frame on what it means to be healthy, and how our brain and body uses food and supplements to kickstart their regenerative, and recovery processes. We all do damage daily no matter what we do, but it’s how well our bodies can respond to damage, repair, and regenerate that will ultimately lead to a longer lifespan with sustained capabilities in our later years.

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a fountain of youth and until further notice, scientists are still looking for ways to slow and to reverse aging with gene manipulation and cellular repair. I firmly believe that we will see this genetic advancement in our lifetimes(those of you under 40) and with a practical application, ie not being a multimillionaire or billionaire that hogs it for themselves and generations to come. For now I am choosing the best available options through quality nutrition so that when the day comes, it’ll be worthwhile for me to be in the conversation.

I highly recommend you do the same. You don’t want to be staring 80 in the face, barely able to move, and then have someone come tell you that they can extend your lifespan. Believe it or not, all you need is nootropics to ensure your aging as best as humanly possible (for the time being), or at least to slow down the effects of aging from cellular damage, decreased cellular turnover, reduced regenerative capabilities, damage from oxidation and free radicals that manifest into wrinkles, decreased metabolism, hair loss, organ failure, heart disease, atherosclerosis(hardening of the arteries), thinning of vessel walls, and so on.

Nootropics help calm down your brain to reduce the stressors and damage you cause daily, thereby reducing the signs of aging in the process. They also reduce the possibility of memory loss or decreased memory capacity. More importantly, toxins and lipofuscin is reduced, which leads to development of new neurons, better supply of nutrients to your brain, and increased fluidity of cell membranes. This keeps you looking younger than your actual age – and how can you say no to that?

Don’t just limit yourself with nootropics to keep you looking young, and performing mentally and physically for longer. You need to do something to prove that age is just a number, starting with regular physical activity and sticking to a healthier lifestyle.


Nootropics Keep Your Brain Healthy Even if You’re Showing Signs of Slowing Down

Your brain health declines as you age and that’s normal. Still, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do anything about it. Many of the herbal nootropics we use in Momental Mind and Mend were chosen based on research that supports their use as adjunct treatments for Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, age related cognitive decline, Parkinson’s and neurological impairment.


How do Nootropics Help to Keep Your Brain Healthy?

Oxygen flow to your brain is increased when you take nootropics, especially choline or B vitamins. When there is a greater supply of oxygen to your brain, neurons and other brain cells function at a higher capacity and are well-maintained; hence keeping your brain healthy and functioning optimally. There are also other types of nootropics that promote neurogenesis or the growth of brain cells, thereby protecting individuals like you against brain deterioration and plaque buildup.

If you want to make the most out of nootropics when it comes to keeping your brain healthy, then make sure you stack choline or B vitamins to maximize the positive effects of these two nootropics. This of course is not the only beneficial stack nor does it stop there. There are far more synergistic stacks with nutrients that continue to complement one another to an expanding degree. You don’t just want better memory and stop there. You want better memory, with improved processing, advanced healing, increased immunity with faster immunological response, heightened awareness and focus, improved metabolism for energy consumption and fat loss, better reparative and regenerative properties for neurons and body tissues, joint health and recovery. This is why we call our nootropics “blends” as they are multi stack nootropics with a specific purpose to each nutrient, backed by evidence and research. This is far from a bunch of random ingredients thrown together to sound healthy

Keep in mind that most people take brain health for granted, or honestly aren’t even thinking about it, and thereby pave the way for early deterioration. Most people’s idea of being healthy is they might go for a walk, which don’t get me wrong is better than nothing, but what we are talking about here breaks from the norm of avoidance behaviors for health, and turns the conversation towards an all out heatseeker for what is out there that actually improves health. I know that drinking alcohol causes damage, the only slight benefit is stress reduction in moderation, and that’s if you’re stressing so badly that you’re causing undue mental and physical harm. In this case, a glass of wine to calm you down is theoretically “healthy.” As a stand alone ingredient, more harm is done than good. So what can you take to seek out improvement in health, and increase longevity? The answer is nootropics, and like we said before, the field of research is only growing, and you will start to see more and more people living to 90 and 100+ with greater retained faculties. So don’t mentally commit to the recliner just yet. You have a whole lot of living left to do.


Say Goodbye To Fatigue With Nootropics

Some days can be tiring, even if you slept for eight hours straight the night before. Once you feel that fatigue is crawling into your system, you start to become less energetic and less in the mood to do just about anything. Coffee can be your instant pick-me-upper, but isn’t real energy, and if you want more benefits to your overall health, then nootropics is where you should turn. Green tea for instance has a natural source of caffeine, but also comes with EGCG, an incredible phytochemical with powerful antioxidant properties and neurogenic capabilities within the adult hippocampus, the area responsible for memory. EGCG also promotes the death of cancer cells, fights free radicals, and blocks carcinogens that bombard us on a daily basis. Especially those of us experiencing greater levels of pollution in the air in large cities. Pollution isn’t the only source of carcinogens though, and bad food, burnt food, and contaminated food are just as problematic. Carcinogens are bad for you because they cause cells to divide at a faster rate than what is normal, and can lead to cancer and DNA alteration. None of which is a good thing.


How Do Nootropics Reduce Fatigue?

Nootropics, or smart drugs, either block the receptors in your brain, flood those receptors or in the case of substrates, supply the building blocks for efficient synthesis of energy to shoo fatigue away. As a result, fatigue is reduced and you are able to work longer, with more focus, and greater efficiency.

If you’re wondering what type of nootropics are ideal as anti-fatigue agents, go for, malic acid, rhodiola rosea, valerian root, and creatine. Fatigue isn’t just brought on by physical depletion, but often is a psychosomatic response, to which herbs like bacopa are additionally beneficial.


Nootropics Provide Neurological Support Against Degenerative Cognitive Conditions

Nootropics recorded positive effects as a form of therapy for people with Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, brain trauma, and other degenerative cognitive conditions.

For instance, piracetam(synthetic) helps to improve spontaneous speech for people with aphasic stroke. It is also helpful for those with dementia by helping in decreasing age-related alterations of the brain’s membrane fluidity.

This doesn’t mean that nootropic drugs are the cure for Alzheimer’s disease and other degenerative conditions. They merely help and improve the symptoms of these conditions, but do not get rid of the underlying mechanism of the disease once it has progressed.


Nootropic Blends Are a Great Addition to Your Workout Regimen

Do you love to workout? If yes, do you use “supplements” to give you a boost during sessions? If you still answered yes, then throw those supplements you are using and try nootropics instead. I’m kidding, sort of. Nootropics and our blends specifically can be added to any workout supplement regimen. This is why we loaded Mind with grass-fed collagen for tissue and joint recovery, as well as made Mend for recovery and cellular repair. All of the other nootropics only enhance the benefit for improved focus and energy. After all, training is all about focusing on the task at hand, and implementing maximal effort to achieve a desired goal. We’ve all had those days where we just aren’t feeling it. Have you ever stopped and asked yourself why that might be the case? Am I depleted nutritionally, did I train too hard yesterday, have I fully recovered yet? These simple questions usually provide telling answers with a little reflection and analysis.  Apart from giving your brain a boost, nootropics are also an excellent pre and post workout supplement, providing you with real energy, and much needed brain and body tissue recovery.

How is that possible? You might ask.

Pre-workout supplements increase your energy, but most of them do so with creatine, which contributes to your krebs cycle’s fast ATP energy formation, allowing you to use burst stores for explosive movement. The main drawback is that you need to cycle off of creatine, and all those big gains that were made in strength development typically decline, and do so quickly and dramatically. Nootropics will keep you motivated throughout the exercise, and gives your endurance a boost. If your body needs it, it will use it. And in the case of strength training, powerlifting, crossfit, or any physical or mental challenge, having stores of nootropic substrates available to you daily will ensure your metabolic and physiologic processes are running optimally. Nootropics also keep you focused and alert while helping you improve your physical performance. Depending on the type of nootropics you use, you can also experience decreases in muscle soreness and damage, promote a calm but focused mindset, and reduce anxiety that can inhibit performance. It just so happens that our Nootropic blends were made specifically for brain and body health through recovery. This is why we combined nootropics in our Mind blend with grass-fed collagen, organic greens, and MCTs.


What Goes Inside Your Body Matters for Your Brain

You can enjoy the benefits of nootropics with the help of supplements and that’s okay. Will your brain and body absorb all of them all of the time? Absolutely not. Absorption depends on need, and depends on your physical activity and diet for the day. If you’re pushing the limit on your performance, whether physically or mentally, rest assured the increased damage will not go unnoticed, and using nootropics to bridge the gap in healing is desirable. On the other hand, you can also try to eat your way to all of the benefits I described above by eating natural foods as well. The only problem is your diet would have to be incredibly robust, and well rounded. When was the last time you cooked up some cat’s claw, ginkgo, or bacopa? When it comes to herbals most do not taste very good. So they really are like diamonds in the rough. You have to get through the bad to get the good. My point is supplementing offers an easier solution and includes nutrients you just aren’t going to be able to obtain even with a healthy diet. Now if you eat well on top of that, as you should, then kudos. You’re ahead of the game.

The truth is there are many foods that can produce nootropic effects. These foods contain antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, collagen protein, B vitamins, and complex carbs (vegetable preferred) that can fuel your brain and boost brain power.

Examples of foods you should include in your daily diet are the following:

  • Nuts; almonds, walnuts, brazil nuts
  • Eggs (cage free, free range, yolks should look almost orange)
  • Fatty fish/ cold water fish
  • Berries (blue are best)
  • Spinach, arugula, kale
  • Microgreens, baby sprouts
  • Foods rich in choline such as legumes, cabbage, and liver
  • Lamb, venison, grass fed beef, free range chicken, pastured pork, organ meat(nutrient density off the chain) if you’re not a vegan or vegetarian get over your fear or taboo of organ meat)
  • Seaweed, algae
  • Cabbage, cooked, sauerkraut- loaded with probiotics
  • Cultured sour cream, butter(grass fed & no salt)
  • Heavy cream, coconut cream
  • Hard cheeses
  • Olives, olive oil, coconut oil
  • Sweeteners like stevia, lakanto monkfruit

Something to Remember About Nootropics

Given these benefits, one can safely say that nootropics are beneficial to one’s health, particularly the brain, but also the body when combined in a nootropic blend. In fact, supplementing with nootropics provides you with a host of benefits.

Still, remember this: nootropics provide you with many benefits, but this doesn’t mean you should stop there. You need to move your body and exercise your brain to really take advantage, and to increase the effectiveness. Get enough quality sleep every night and if you need help with anxiety, stress and sleep, Momental Mend was formulated to reduce stress and anxiety, and to put you into deep, restorative sleep. Exercise regularly, and stay away from stressors. Too much working out, and too much mental stress will lead to premature aging. Recovery should always be on your mind. Remember, Momental Mind can be taken as a pre and post workout and is an excellent addition to your current regimen. Feel free to beef it up with additional MCTs, collage protein, and greens, especially if you’ve really been getting after it. Your brain and body will use it and thank you. What you eat also matters because certain foods like nuts, eggs, and fish have nootropic effects, which increases your cognitive function and overall processing.

Combine these healthy lifestyle tips with nootropics and you are surely on your way to a better and healthier you.

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