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The Ultimate Nootropic FAQ (And Answers) | Momental Nootropics

The Ultimate Nootropic FAQ (And Answers) | Momental Nootropics

Biohacking with nootropics is definitely a new phenomenon but is really rather a simple concept. You’re seeking out specific nutrients to influence your biology and chemical processes in order to enhance and increase your mental and physical energy stores. Nootropics give your brain and body all the building blocks they need to perform consistently at the highest level. Have you ever felt dragged down, and dull by something you ate? It’s not just that you can cause harm with bad food, but you can actually influence your chemical makeup, and improve your mood and wellbeing by providing the best nutrition available. In fact, you will always find yourself bombarded with tons of products that promise you this and that.

Momental is different because we use herbal substrates that your body will use whenever it’s in demand. Mind and Mend are complete mental and physical enhancement and recovery solutions. Work longer hours with improved focus and clarity. Train harder and for longer and recover quicker. There is no gimmick. Your brain and body will use substrates as building blocks for their natural processes. When we talk about extracts we are talking about the specific part of that ingestible that is beneficial to your health. Not every aspect of an apple is great for you.

Ideally we just want the B vitamins and vitamin A and C. The fiber doesn’t hurt either. Point being it is these micro compounds that are delivering the health benefits. We just so happened to load Mind and Mend with herbal nootropics as well because finding these nutrients in grocery store form is quite difficult. Mind’s organic greens, collagen, and healthy fats from MCTs for real energy are all bonuses. To be honest, everything you see can be overwhelming, especially when you don’t understand how nootropics can be helpful.

This is why we prepared this list of frequently asked questions (with answers, of course) about nootropics, Momental Herbal Nootropic products, and everything in between. This is going to be a long list of questions, so instead of going through all the questions, make sure you use Ctrl + F on PC or Command + F for Mac users to help you easily find what you’re looking for. Looking to fix your mental mistakes with nootropics?

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about Nootropics

Q: What are nootropics?

The shortest answer would be nutrients for your brain’s energy, performance and protection. To elaborate further, nootropics are functional foods, vitamins, supplements or drugs that support cognitive function or your ability to use knowledge and information processing skills to make and eventually execute decisions. Your brain is a muscle like any other, but it is a sophisticated and complicated muscle. Everyone knows they can feed their muscles protein, and their body will happily use them. Well your brain will use nootropics like bacopa, ginkgo, cat’s claw, alpha GPC, phosphatiylserine, algal DHA, collagen, L-theanine and so many more to maximize its processes. Start taking advantage of what’s available to heighten health, and not just get by with avoidance behavior.

Read more about nootropics here.


Q: How do nootropics work?

Nootropics, particularly herbal nootropics, can work in four different ways:

  • For neuroprotection of your brain cells to prevent cognitive decline
  • Increase your mental energy storage with nutrients to help you sustain your focus throughout the day
  • Speed up neural transmission to make it easier and faster for you to process information
  • Improve your memory using nutrients that are used as adjunct therapy for dementia and Alzheimer’s disease


Q: What are the different types of nootropics?

  • Natural or herbal nootropics – These are plant-based or plant-derived substances to help improve your brain health and activity. Example of this type is gingko biloba. Substrates do not alter synaptic uptake or inhibition and do not have dependency issues. They merely provide the building blocks for your brain and body to use in their normal neurotransmission and chemical processes.
  • Racetams – These are the first and widely used nootropic, with approximately 20 different types under its name. All racetams have Pyrrolidone nucleus chemical structure to help release acetylcholine. We opted not to use them because of their issues with dependency and altering of synaptic uptake and inhibition
  • Choline – This is also another popular type of nootropic that is often combined with racetams. Take note since choline is a big family and there are types that are more effective as nootropics than the others such as alpha GPC.
  • Peptides – One of the popular types is Noopept, which is derived from racetams. It is also one of the strongest nootropics available in the market today.  
  • Vitamin B derivatives – These are synthetic nootropics derived from B vitamins. One of the most common vitamin B derivative is sulbutamine, which is used to treat fatigue and boost your energy levels and alertness.
  • AMPAkines – These are some of the strongest nootropics available in the market. Apparently, more research is needed since this type of nootropic is still new in the field of brain research. It’s currently understood that AMPAkines work by lengthening the amount of time that ion channels are open between neurons, enabling greater communication for neural processing and help with synaptic plasticity (greater flexibility of function). They work in the hippocampus, an area commonly understood for memory, pattern recognition and processes for encoding.  
  • Smart drugs – These are often interchanged with nootropics, but keep in mind that not all smart drugs are synthetically derived. Among the many synthetic smart drugs available in the market today is Modafinil. Modafinil is a schedule IV controlled substance here in the United States and is heavily restricted. Tolerance can build rapidly, and it has a high addiction and dependency level.  


Q: What are the benefits of nootropics in my body?

  • Enhance your memory and learning ability
  • Protect your brain against harmful chemical damage
  • Helps your brain function even during disruptive conditions
  • Improve your neuronal firing mechanisms
  • Increase neurogenesis(the growth of new neurons)
  • Recover damaged tissue more rapidly


Q: Why should I use nootropics?

Nootropics are similar to your morning coffee, but the effects are better and more beneficial for your body. The big difference is they aren’t stimulants like caffeine, so the focus and clarity isn’t just a perceived false sense of energy like caffeine provides, but is actually real energy gained through your brain and body’s natural physiological processes. Nootropics help boost your daily productivity, offer increased motivation especially during workouts, support brain health, enhances your memory, and improves your overall mental well-being. Nootropics combined with other body enhancers like organic greens and MCTs can also help you burn fat and speed up your metabolism. MCTs are a type of fat that your brain uses quickly for energy and they help kickstart your fat burning mechanism.

In other words, nootropics promote longevity and healthy aging.

Q: Are nootropics safe?

Herbal nootropics are substrates and are completely safe. They are the equivalent of what your body does with nutrient dense whole foods. An apple is good for you today and will be good for you tomorrow. You aren’t going to habituate to where good food eaten over time becomes less good for you. Substrates work in the same way. Their basically what’s good about the apple, extracted and put into an easy to digest powder. Now extrapolate that concept to a host of herbals that you typically wouldn’t get in an everyday diet. Synthetic nootropics and smart drugs however are not completely safe. They come with dependency issues, and they alter synaptic uptake and inhibition of neurotransmitters, and can actually alter chemical structure over time. Take note that a higher dosage is not necessarily better and more helpful. Your body and brain can only use so much, which is why formulated Mind and Mend with minimal effective doses for the average person. Many will argue one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to nootropic drugs, which is true, but when it comes to substrates your brain and body will use as needed depending on what you’ve eaten that day and your physical activity level. Also, smart drugs have a diminishing effect over time. The benefits of them will decrease as your chemical structure is altered, and you will require higher dosing as time goes by. This is another major reason why we use herbal substrates, which goes back to our apple example above.

Q: I read somewhere that nootropics are addictive. Is it true?

That depends on which type of nootropics you take. Herbal substrates aren’t addictive, they are what you would get if you ate these individual items. Eat some blueberries and your body uses them accordingly. The general rule is that nootropics are safe and even if you stop taking them, you won’t experience withdrawal symptoms.

The “Nootropics are addictive” thinking can be due to dependency of nootropic drugs or “smart drugs”. You should be careful and take it easy on your intake to avoid developing any dependency issues as smart drugs that are complete synthetics will have diminishing effects over time, and will require increased doses for the same effect.

Q: How can I get the most out of nootropics?

Combination or stacking is one way to get the most out of nootropics. This means you will take two or more nootropics at the same time to enhance their effects. Examples of stacking are, caffeine and L-theanine, and racetams and Choline. This line of thinking is not just reserved for nootropics.

Sources of fiber like tapioca dextrin combined with other phytonutrients and polyphenols will help improve absorption rates and digestion. So when you are thinking about stacking think about combining nootropics with other longevity promoting factors. You want brain health, you want body health, how can you ingest the right nutrients to maximize longevity and daily performance.

Momental Mind is essentially a brain and body stack as it combines herbal nootropics with organic greens, MCTs, and grass-fed collagen protein. The nootropics deliver brain health, immunity, and the organic greens provide phytonutrients to help your body deal with stressors and damaging agents like free radicals. MCTs are great for energy for the brain and body, and collagen is the ultimate recovery component for tissues, bones, joints, ligaments, and tendons.

Apart from this, check out the lifestyle changes question below to give you an idea on what to do to maximize the effects of nootropics.

Q: Why Momental MIND and MEND Nootropic Blends?

Momental MIND Nootropic Blend is designed to not only support your brain, especially your cognitive function, but also your body most especially during demanding days. Consequently, Momental MEND Nootropic Blend helps promote deep, restorative sleep for both your body and brain. It also helps you relax, and reduce stress and anxiety levels from your chaotic day.

More importantly, MIND and MEND use herbal nootropic substrates to help elevate naturally occurring compounds in your brain for better memory, processing, and creativity.

Disclaimer: Mend contains one derivative of GABA called Phenibut. When taken appropriately at recommended doses, phenibut has not shown any evidence for dependency. Still given the amount of anecdotal evidence, we suggest cycling off of Mend for sleep for 3-5 days approximately each month. The half life of phenibut is about 5 hours and can have effects lasting a day. Cycling off for 3-5 days is more than enough time when doses aren’t excessing 300mg daily. Anecdotal evidence for dependency has been reported at doses higher than 10g and as high as 20g per day.

Q: What are the ingredients of Momental Nootropic Blend products?

Momental Mind contains a special blend of nootropic or brain-supporting compounds like gingko biloba, alpha lipoic acid, alpha GPC, cat’s claw, phosphatidylserine and green tea extract among others. Mind chocolate includes pure cocoa and and a little stevia, but with no caloric value, so you are sure to remain in a state of ketosis Mind unflavored or chocolate. You can find more about the ingredients here.

On the other hand, Momental MEND uses a special blend of magnesium glycinate to make it easier for your body to absorb. It also contains vitamin B6, zinc picolinate, and valerian root. Read more about the ingredients here.

Q: How do you use Momental Nootropic Blend?

MIND: The simplest way is to mix one to two scoops with eight to 10 ounces of water or any of your favorite drink like shakes or smoothies in the morning. You can also combine Mind with your favorite coffee with cream or blend it with almond milk, coconut milk/cream for added taste.

MEND: take two (for smaller frame bodies) or three (for bigger frame bodies) capsules 30 minutes before your scheduled bedtime or every time you want to be in a calming and restorative state. If you experience increased tiredness in the morning or difficulty getting up try reducing the dose and/or taking earlier 1-1.5 hours before bedtime. Mend was designed for full sleep restoration so if you have an alarm waking you up before you’re fully rested your body may let you know. Stated another way, Mend will put you in a state to achieve maximum sleep restoration.

Q: Will Mind or Mend kick me out of ketosis?

Absolutely not. Mind and Mend were made to fit a ketogenic diet and can be taken with your BHB supplements. We formulated these products to further fit the puzzle of enhancing health through nutrition, and we are firm believers in the ketogenic diet, not as a start and finish weight loss tool, but a lifestyle that aims to create your most productive self for as long as physically possible. You love what you do, so we want you to be able to continue to do it as your age advances.

Q: When is the best time to take Momental Nootropic Blends?

This will depend on whether you are taking MEND or MIND. For MIND, it is best to drink it in the morning or as a replacement to your meal (a great alternative to carbs) to make sure your brain is in overdrive. It is advisable to drink it on an empty stomach for maximum absorption, sustained focus, and to help you reach peak mental performance.

On the other hand, MEND can be taken anytime of the day as it’s non drowsy, especially when you want to reduce stress and anxiety. Make sure to take capsules at least 30 minutes before your bedtime to promote deep sleep. We know, how can it be a sleep aid, and not be drowsy? The reason being is the mechanism of action of the ingredients. They allow you to achieve deep sleep through normal physiological processes and by naturally elevating stores of melatonin and serotonin, among others. If you can’t believe it here is a couple reviews from our verified customers.

Q: Are Momental products natural?

Yes. In fact, all of our products are natural and non-GMO with Mend completely vegan and Mind containing grass-fed bovine collagen. You don’t have to worry since Momental products are soy, gluten, dairy, and nut free. Disclaimer: we use one GABA derivative in Mend, which is phenibut. When taken at appropriate doses, phenibut is a highly effective anxiolytic(anti-anxiety) nootropic that acts on GABA receptors, which is a common neurotransmitter. It was made to be able to cross the blood brain barrier so that it could be utilized by our brain more readily. GABA reduces neuronal excitability which allows you to relax, and is the main reason for it’s strong stress and anxiety reducing capability.

Although phenibut doesn’t come from a plant, it was made to conform to your body’s natural physiological processes and unlike tranquilizers used to decrease stress and anxiety, phenibut was made to do so without causing drowsiness. The Soviet Union originally used phenibut for their astronauts. What you ingest and even your mood state can influence GABA levels and alter pesky anxiety and fight or flight responses. We found phenibut too advantageous not to include in Mend and at appropriate dosing dependency reports have not been substantiated.


Q: What lifestyle changes should I make when taking Nootropics?

Momental was made to be part of your daily lifestyle. Just like following a ketogenic diet is not a start and stop process, biohacking and utilizing nootropics to optimize health is a lifestyle choice, and one that will bring you a happier, healthier, and more productive life. Nonetheless, we have to acknowledge that there are certain lifestyle choices that could affect the efficacy of nootropics. Here are some adjustments you need to do to maximize Momental Mind and Med:

  • Cut down, if not eliminate your consumption of coffee/caffeine
    • Mind contains green tea which has a natural caffeine ratio of about 50%. We balanced this with L-theanine to eliminate anxious jittery feelings that caffeine consumption alone can bring. Again, it’s the EGCG and antioxidant content of green tea that we’re after.
  • Aim for nutritious whole foods and a balanced diet at all times, with no set number of meals per day. Eat when you are truly hungry, and will actually need and use the energy. You can still eat meals for “happiness” but try to recognize this sensation is fleeting, and you do not want to fall victim to the sugar trap that provides you a false sense of satisfaction and satiety.
  • Get enough sleep, preferably six to eight hours every night.
    • If you had a tough workout today, or extended work hours, you need more sleep. There is no way around it. Mend was made to put you into a deep restorative state, so take advantage. Just keep in mind, more hours at the gym = more hours needed to rest. Your body and brain are regenerative machines, and when given the right nutrition they excel at repairing and recovering daily tissue damage. This helps to slow the aging process and contributes to enhanced faculties over time.
  • Include workouts in your daily, if not weekly routine.
    • Not only does it eliminate stressors naturally, working out speeds up your metabolism and elevates your brain and body’s regenerative capabilities, but be careful, too much without the right nutrition and rest can actually further damage tissues and result in premature aging.
    • This is why it’s not just about diet, not just about sleep and not just about nutrition, but rather putting the whole package together to ensure longevity. Everyone can benefit from Mind and Mend. From the most hardcore gym goer to the casual exercise participant.
  • Constantly stimulate your brain through various exercises like crossword puzzles, riddles or playing chess.
    • Cognitively demanding tasks strengthen neuronal connections in your brain and working outside your comfort zone stimulates growth of new connections. It’s ok to be bad at something and to struggle, you’ll only benefit from the challenge, and learning a new skill is a bonus. Even if you never master the activity, the mere exercise is more than worth it.
    • If you’re retired and online, this is for you… I know you worked your whole life and are ready to take a break, but confusing relaxation with an inept attitude toward activity is extremely detrimental. If you want to enjoy your retirement and maintain your faculties for as long as possible you need to find a hobby or activity that will stimulate your mind and you need to work at it everyday. There is no such thing as being done, until you are well… done.


Q: You claim that Momental Mind keeps me energized throughout the day. Does this mean it has caffeine?

  • Yes, but before you react, keep in mind that the caffeine content in our Mind comes from caffeine that naturally occurs in green tea. That’s not all. We also balance the caffeine’s stimulant effect with L-theanine, thereby keeping you calm sans jitters and palpitation.
    • In case you’re wondering how much caffeine content, it’s only 100mg or less caffeine per serving. More importantly the 200mg of green tea contains 98% polyphenols. Polyphenols deliver antioxidants and other phytonutrients, as well as help with absorption rates of nutrients.
  • MCTs and organic greens provide a bulk of the calorie content which is still only 80 cals per serving. These are the secrets to the real energy behind Mind, and why you are able to get down to business right away after ingesting. Focus and clarity come from the nootropics.


Q: Can I develop allergies while taking Momental Nootropic Blends?

That depends. If you are allergic to any of the ingredients listed, then there is potential for an allergic reaction to take place, albeit rare for most people. Otherwise, additoinal side effects are extremely rare. Make sure to conduct a blood test at any clinic near you to help you check if you are allergic to anything.


Q: What are the possible side effects when I take Momental Mind or Mend?

The truth is, there’s none. Our products are made of natural ingredients, guaranteed to provide benefits your body needs. Check out our disclaimer on phenibut listed above.

Nonetheless, there are people who experience side effects when taking nootropics, although not necessarily from Momental. This includes nausea and headache. In case you experienced unwanted effects, make sure to find the cause and evaluate whether those reactions were truly from nootropics. It’s always best to test for yourself.


Q: I have an active lifestyle. Can I use Momental products as a pre-workout supplement?

That is a good question. Surprising as it may sound, our nootropic blend is a great pre and post-workout supplement, especially if you are looking for a something that will give you a boost, energy, and more focus. You can try our products and see the effects for yourself. This is the reason we combined nootropics with grass fed-collagen and MCTs for tissue and joint recovery as well as fast energy.


Q: Can I combine my keto diet with Momental products?

Yes. Several studies show that the ketogenic diet can support better memory, improve mental performance, increase your productivity, and even address mild cognitive impairment. These benefits are what Momental products are all about., and we made sure to include ingredients that would never kick you out of ketosis. Our products aim to give you real energy, with overall mental well being and combining a keto diet with Momental nootropic blends is wholly beneficial for you and your longevity.


Q: How long will it take before I see the results?

The effects of Momental products kick in immediately. Still, every person’s brain and body chemistry is different, so results can always vary. We have found that Mend is highly effective right away when used for anxiety or sleep, trust us, you’ll notice the difference. When it comes to Mind, most people experience desired effects right away, mainly described as a calm, alert and typically manifests into longer durations of cognitively demanding tasks. Placing a physical manifestation can be more difficult though and largely depends on what is important to you throughout your day. Need a couple extra hours of focused productivity at work? Then Mind is for you. We tend to notice negatives far more readily than positives. We just don’t reflect the same when things are all good versus when they are bad. Let some of our customers shed some light for you. 


Q: Where can I buy Momental Mind and Mend Nootropic Blends?

You can buy Momental products directly from us through our website -

Apart from our website, Momental Mind is also available on Amazon. Whether ordering from Amazon or our website, we’d love to hear from you about how you like to use our products and the improvements you have noticed. Your feedback is extremely helpful to others looking to improve their health through nutrition and nootropics. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a review is worth a thousand thanks!


Q: What happens if I stopped taking Momental?

Nothing. Momental products are not addictive and do not come with dependency issues, so withdrawal symptoms are highly unlikely. Mind doesn’t come with any diminishing effects, just like like how blueberries are good for you today, and will be good for you tomorrow, so too is Mind. This is due to the inclusion of substrates that act as building blocks for natural chemical and physiological processes rather than smart drugs that alter synaptic transmission. Basically we are providing you the most robust nutrients that would be extremely difficult to obtain even in the most diverse of diets. When was the last time you ate some cat’s claw to boost your immune system and fight off cellular damage? Mend is also non addictive but because of it’s phenibut content we do recommend you cycle off for 3-5 days once per month. This is no different though than saying you should cycle off caffeine as well, which you should, just to give your brain and body a reset.

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