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What are Nootropics? When and How To Supplement With Nootropics | Momental Nootropics

What are Nootropics? When and How To Supplement With Nootropics | Momental Nootropics

How good is your memory? It’s something we all take for granted until we begin to see signs of decline. Then we start to worry and ask how can we improve our memory, or in the very least retain what we have. When you’re young your memory is stronger because you have greater synaptic connections. This is true but what also plays a role is the activities and brain use that younger people engage in. The youthful are more open to new ideas, to new games, additional networking, and new physical activities. We know now with pruning and the plasticity of the brain that all of these social interactions stimulate our brain and lead to the formation of more neural pathways or connections to which we can retrieve information.  

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We used to be taught that you had a finite amount of neural connections once you reached maturity, then declined from there, but the truth is the elderly that engage in playful activity or receive novel stimuli on a daily basis retain greater cognitive capacity and demonstrate better memory and recall. Sure, there is going to be a degree of deterioration, but focusing on brain health for a lifetime, and continuing to exercise your mind as you age will inevitably result in greater cognitive performance in late adulthood.

Those who are genetically predisposed to Alzheimer’s and dementia can slow the rate of decline. The unfortunate part is we are behind with these cognitive disorders. Eventually geneticists will determine how to kick our brain cleaning proteins into gear, the one’s that seem to slack off on cleaning up the gunk and debris that is exhibited in these populations. For now an emphasis on proper nutrition, and mental exercise can keep your brain functioning at a higher level for longer.

Why Use Momental Mind?

1️⃣ Organic MicroGreens ~ Antioxidants + Phytonutrients + Polyphenols + Anti-inflammatories

2️⃣ Collagen ~ Beautiful Skin + Strong Bones + Healthy Joints + Repair Muscle Tissue

3️⃣ Healthy Fats ~ Fast Energy + Satiety from MCT & Omega 3s

4️⃣ Herbal Nootropics ~ Mental Energy + Sustained Focus + Cell Recovery

At the turn of the 20th century in 1906 Dr. Alois Alzheimer diagnosed the first patient with this abnormal disease that affected the mind. This may seem like a long time ago, but really nutrition went backwards for a while in the 1900s. Cheaper delivery and mass production actually hurt the diet of most Americans but obviously fed many more. When you look at the current oldest population they exhibit incredibly long life spans often reaching their late 80s and early 90s, with outliers on both sides of course.

Why use Momental Mend?

1️⃣ Restore Neural Tissue

2️⃣ Decrease Stress and Anxiety

3️⃣ Increase Serotonin, Melatonin and Dopamine

4️⃣ Achieve Calm, Alert Focus and Relaxation

5️⃣ Deep Sleep 😴 💤 at night 🌙


Long life spans in the face of smoking and drinking.

When you consider the amount of smoking, drinking, and poor diets that many of this generation were exposed to, it’s rather remarkable how strong the genetics are to carry them to these ages. Of course we cannot ignore modern medicine with stent placement, open heart surgery, pacemakers, and blood thinning medications keeping many alive well past what natural terms would have allowed. As one grows older, they have a higher chance of experiencing a loss of sharpness in memory.

Some of the indications commonly experienced include forgetting names and people, losing keys and other valuables, basically all things related to short term memory and recall. This is where we store the more brief pieces of information, the stuff that is still very valuable but never quite makes it’s way into long term storage.

Long term memory is rooted in greater plasticity and more neural connections, thus providing greater avenues for retrieval. Alzheimer patients eventually lose the ability to retrieve even the deepest memories, but largely because of synaptic blockages from plaque build up that prevent the right signals from connecting. Those with typical age related cognitive decline currently, and for the generations to come, can look to brain nutrition and healthier lifestyles with engaging activities to keep their wits late in life.

Memory lapses can be frightening. Thus, it is important to start caring for your brain at a young age to minimize age related memory loss. For people who are already in middle age, worry no more as there are new findings in the fields of science and technology that can greatly help you with these concerns.

As the popularity of nootropics continues to grow, and awareness of brain health as a thing, yes it’s a thing, continues to spread, you’ll eventually see older and older people maintaining a much higher quality of life. And really that’s what it’s all about. Stop worrying about your biceps and start paying attention to the power upstairs that allows you to even concern yourself with the ceps in the first place.

My point is people will back protein and muscle growth all day long, but when it comes to brain health somehow there is a disconnect as if nothing can be done. This error in thinking is a flaw that will likely affect you to a greater degree in late adulthood as you tire and become less active in your community. You may live to be 100, but how are you living? Take advantage of nootropics and mental exercise now, and continue to be sharp later on.


What Are Nootropics?

Nootropics are cognitive enhancers. Whether herbal, synthetic or drug related, they are associated with boosting memory and intelligence, increasing concentration, focus, and motivation, and maintaining brain power and energy.

Nootropics work for you brain in several ways. Some nootropics protect brain cells in order to prevent mental decline. Other nootropics can increase energy utilization in the brain in order to sustain concentration and focus. Easier and faster information processing is observed due to the rate of neural transmission brought about by the effects of certain nootropics. Some nootropics contribute to neurotransmitter production as well as protection, allowing for improved neural processing. Lastly, nootropics also improve memory by using nutrients that are adjunct treatments and therapy for diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s.


Why Use Nootropics?

The benefits of nootropics for your brain and even body are robust. They enhance memory and improve learning ability. Your brain is also protected against damage brought about by harmful chemicals. Neural firing mechanisms are improved and kept in tip top shape even during disruptive conditions. The rate of growth of new neurons is increased while tissues recover from damage and harm. We are regenerative machines, the more quality nutrition we provide our brain and body the better they are able to repair and recover.

Overall, nootropics promote physical and mental well-being. When you feel great, and physiologically function great, you’ll have the mental and physical energy to boost your daily productivity to live a longer, healthier, and more fruitful life.


What are the Different Types of Nootropics?

Nootropics come in different kinds and forms consisting mostly of supplements, medications, and functional foods. Each of them comes from different origins with different mechanisms of action and therefore different benefits depending on the substance. Some are considered superfoods, and these you don't want to miss out on for improving your health. Here are the Top 15 Superfood You Need To know About and why.

Natural or herbal nootropics

Natural or herbal nootropics are plant based or plant derived substances(extracts) that yield benefits to your health. Herbal nootropics have shown great effects in increasing brain health, energy, and overall cognitive function as it pertains to processing, memory, and decision making. Of all the types of nootropics, natural nootropics are obviously the safest.

Some of the commonly used natural nootropics available in the market include Gingko Biloba, Bacopa, and Valerian Root.

  • Gingko Biloba is a beneficial Chinese tree that is used to enhance memory. It is also used to improve concentration and as a treatment for several diseases.
  • Bacopa, known as the herb of grace, is used to improve memory and focus. It also reduces the feelings of stress and anxiety while increasing the communication between neurons in the brain.
  • Valerian Root is a natural supplement that enhances sleeping ability. It also relieves anxiety and prevents panic attacks by calming the mind.


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Racetams were once the most popular type of nootropics. The drugs under this group bear a common structure. All racetams release a neurotransmitter known as acetylcholine which sends signals across synapses in the brain. This group improves memory and learning, enhances mood and focus, and boosts the energy levels in the brain and the body. Racetams can also increase cell regrowth and decreases cell deterioration.

Piracetam, Aniracetam, Pramiracetam, and Oxiracetam are some of the commonly used racetams that are composed primarily of hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen.


Choline is a water-soluble nutrient that is found naturally in the body. It is essential for proper brain functioning and better health. This supplement is a precursor to acetylcholine. Cognition involving memory and learning is affected by choline levels.

Some of the various nootropics belonging to this group include Citicoline, Alpha GPC, and Centrophenoxine. These have shown positive effects for increasing memory as well as enhanced learning.


Peptides are effective supplements to improve learning and memory. It helps enhance alertness, motivation, mood, and focus. The boost in brain energy is also observed with the use of peptides. Noopept is a common example in the market which is closely related to other types of nootropics.

Vitamin B Derivatives

B vitamin derivatives are synthetic nootropics that mimic the beneficial effects of B Vitamins. They have been used to treat fatigue and increase energy levels. They can make one more alert with an improved memory. One of the common examples that fall under this category is the sulbutiamine which is a derivative of Thiamine. We prefer actual B vitamins, but these derivatives aren’t all bad.


AMPAkines are strong nootropics in the market. They have a direct effect on receptors that increase the levels of glutamate in the body. This is an essential substance that plays a big role in brain plasticity. An improved memory and learning ability are achieved when this is used.

Smart Drugs

Smart drugs are sometimes considered to be stimulants which aid nootropics. This increases the transmission of neurons for more energy. Motivation and focus are also enhanced by these substances without worrying about complications.

Stacking nootropics can be done to improve the overall performance of the brain. It should be noted that the best stack options should include proper combinations and doses. Choose the nootropics depending on the needs and the effect that you want to achieve.


How to Supplement with Nootropics?

Achieving success with nootropics can be achieved by knowing the proper and most effective ways involved in the system. This should include the proper foods to eat as well as their recommended amounts. Normally, the amounts taken in the body are measured in terms of macronutrients. These macronutrients affect the chemistry of the body, and thus should be consumed in the correct ratio.


Whole Foods for a Nootropic Diet

Whole foods are highly recommended when supplementing nootropics. These foods should be included in your diet plan since they are healthier and contain a higher nutrient profile. In general, nootropic diets should include high amounts of fats, moderate amounts of protein, and very low to no amounts of carbohydrates. Yes this is similar to keto, but the focus and emphasis is on brain health, not weight loss. A healthy nootropic diet plan should include the following:

  • Protein sources should be high quality and nutrient dense. Always remember that quality over quantity should be considered. Choose pastured raised and grass-fed beef and meats. Fatty fish and properly raised pork and chicken are also good sources of protein. These protein foods coming from quality sources will help minimize the steroid hormone and bacteria intake providing lean protein with healthy fat content. Reduce eating processed and cured meat as these contain extra ingredients such as sugar, sodium, and carbohydrates.
  • Dairy products should be eaten moderately. Choose full-fat products due to fewer carbohydrates and higher filling effect. Organic and raw products are better options. Be careful if there are lactose sensitivities as this may cause digestion problems. Also, monitor the intake of these dairy products and by products as it also contains proteins which are not highly recommended in nootropic diet.
  • Fats and oils are vital to your brain and body and at the same time dangerous if taken in wrong amounts. Choose good and healthy fats coming from natural, grass fed, and organic sources. Know the different types of fats and their effects on the body. Oils such as coconut oil, olive oil, and MCT oil serve as good and efficient fuel sources for the brain.
  • Fruits and vegetables with high nutrient value and low glycemic indices make for good filler in a nootropic diet. They are also rich in fiber which allows for better digestion and gut health. Green leafy vegetables are the best options. Fruits including berries and avocados should be eaten for nootropic benefit. Choose organic fruits and vegetables as they contain fewer pesticide residues and greater nutrient profiles.
  • Sweeteners are not recommended in nootropic diet. But if sweet cravings arise, use alternative or substitutes with low glycemic impact on the body. some of the good choices for sweeteners include pure stevia, mannitol, xylitol, sucralose, and various blends.
  • Sauces and condiments can be used as long as they contain fewer sugars and sweeteners. Ingredients in pre-made sauces should be carefully checked. It is better to prepare homemade sauces if possible for better nutrient content and proper monitoring.
  • Pure spices and herbs can be used as food additives and flavorings. Fresh herbs are better options. Monitor the amount used as some may contain unhealthy carbohydrates which are not needed in a healthy nootropic diet.
  • Drink more water. Raw, full fat and plant based milk can also be consumed. Coffee and green tea are also good for the diet plan as it contains antioxidants for additional energy and fats.

This guide for whole food diets can serve as a good reference in planning for the best nootropic meal plan that best suits you and your body. Combine foods that will help you get the recommended nutrients of more fat and less protein and no carbohydrates.


Momental Products in a Nootropic Diet

Other than whole foods, supplementing with nootropics is an excellent option to improve cognitive performance and optimize brain health. These supplements are formulated to help improve the mental and physical well-being of everyone. They are guaranteed safe and since they are substrates your body uses the elevated stores as needed. It’s the equivalent of eating any food that is healthy for you, except better because Momental Mind and Mend contain herbal nutrients you don’t find in a typical diet. These nutrients are comparable to any nutrient found in whole foods.

Momental has an amazing and powerful product line of nootropic blends. The formula in each product is clinically tested and intricately studied for optimum results. The ingredients used in manufacturing our nootropics are carefully selected based on bioavailability and absorption rates with your brain and body.

Momental Mind and Mend are good supplements that are more than just nootropics. These are highly recommended for all types of people. For those with active lifestyles and stressful work environments to day laborers and contractors needing to replenish physically and mentally.


Momental Mind

Momental Mind is a complete nootropic meal replacement. Mind increases mental functions and mechanisms during normal and demanding days. It is an incredible supplement that nourishes your brain and body while elevating mental performance, creative energy, and learning capability. Mind is made from whole food sources, and herbal nutrients without any added fillers, substitutes, and binding agents.

The simplest and most effective way to drink Momental Mind is by mixing 1-2 scoops of powder with 8-10 ounces of water. Mind can also be added or combined with your favorite healthy drinks such as coconut milk or coffee with cream. It is highly recommended to drink a glass of Mind in the morning. But you can also drink this whenever you feel the need for more energy and for your most demanding part of your day.


Momental Mend

Momental Mend reduces stress and anxiety. Mend also delivers deep and restorative sleep which enables the brain and the body to relax especially during stressful days. It is also made from whole food sources without added flavors and fillers for a healthier and more balanced nutritional ratio.

Taking 2 (for small frames) or 3 (for bigger builds) capsules of Momental Mend should be done 30 minutes before sleeping. If tiredness and fatigue occur in the morning, adjusting the dosage and the intake time (at least 1 to 1.5 hours before sleeping) should be done. Capsules can also be taken any time of the day when you want to stay calm, prevent social anxiety or even return to a relaxed state. Mend will help you focus and restores your cognitive processes without making you feel drowsy.

Combining Momental Mind and Mend is the ultimate productivity and recovery hack for everyone.

Nootropics provide the most productive results with regards to mental and physical health. A better mental outlook and well-rested brain and body are highly attainable with proper supplementation. Mind and Mend should be combined with a nutritious diet and regular exercise as well as proper sleep. Always be curious and learn and explore new ways to improve your health. Enjoy and live life to the fullest and start creating your own Momental moments.

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