Nootropics: A Pre-Party Solution and Hangover Remedy to Combat Alcohol’s Inflammatory Process | Momental

Nootropics: A Pre-Party Solution and Hangover Remedy to Combat Alcohol’s Inflammatory Process | Momental

Blurred vision, difficulty walking, impaired memory, and slurred speech. These are only some of the effects of alcohol that clearly show how it affects your brain, although sadly, in a negative way.

Blame it on our culture or pressures of society, but alcohol has become an integral part not just in the American social scene but also worldwide. In America alone, 52.2 percent of Americans above 12 years old were alcohol users. 6.3 percent or 16.5 million Americans are also heavy alcohol users, thereby making alcohol the most commonly abused drug in the country.

Here’s the thing: drinking alcohol and feeling it's positive effects is just one-half of the drinking process. There’s this pesky little thing called a hangover that ruins your next day and crushes your productivity. In some cases hangovers last 2-3 days, with heavy brain fog preventing any positive engagement at work or socially. A massive headache, nausea, feeling weak, and low energy will bombard you the rest of the day and these are unfortunately just the symptoms. The underlying damage to your neural and body tissue is extensive, and it is something most choose to simply ignore.

Before you find out about natural remedies and curbing your hangover with Mind and Mend, we need to cover how alcohol negatively impacts your brain and contributes to premature cognitive decline.


The Effect of Alcohol on Your Brain

Alcohol awakens your social spirit and gives you a boost to help you introduce yourself to that girl or guy you’ve been eyeing since the start of the party. Generally, alcohol is a central nervous system depressant. More than the obvious signs of getting drunk, here’s how alcohol affects your brain:

Occasional Drinkers

  • Memory impairment, which usually happens after a few drinks.
  • Blackout, especially when alcohol is consumed on an empty stomach.

Moderate Drinkers (consume one to two drinks per day)

  • More prone to accidents such as falls or drowning.
  • Puts you at a higher risk for cognitive impairment.

Heavy, Chronic Drinkers

  • Develops deficits in brain function even when you are sober.
  • Cognitive problems result from brain damage brought by prolonged drinking.
  • Mild to moderate impairment of intellectual functioning, the most common of which is visuospatial abilities.
  • Diminished brain size
  • Thiamine deficiency, which leads to a serious brain disorder called Wernicke Korsakoff syndrome (WKS).

Social Drinkers (Binging on the weekends)

  • Exhibit similar brain damage to chronic/heavy drinkers, but with decreased development of disease.
  • Decreased learning ability overtime
  • Increased Impulsivity whether drinking or not
  • Reduced spatial working memory
  • Impairment in limbic system function, decreased neural connectivity, and processing including impairment in the; hippocampus, amygdala, thalamus, hypothalamus, epithalamus - all components involved in memory.

More than the physiological effects of drinking and ending up with a hangover the next day, alcohol affects your cognitive function and overall brain health in the long run. The good news is there are herbal ingredients that can buffer the negative symptoms of a hangover, and also protect your brain and body cells.


Get to Know the Natural Solution to Decrease Symptoms of Hangovers and Protect Your Brain & Body.

There are many natural remedies to help decrease the symptoms of a hangover. While natural remedies are effective, you need to take or do them individually, which is why the results may not kick in instantly.

Here’s a secret: Most people do not know what nootropics are or how they benefit brain health. Nootropics are used daily to maximize mental output and improve cognitive performance but by nature of their mechanism of action they’re also a remedy to combat the inflammatory process brought by alcohol, and in so doing decrease cellular damage, and improve neural processing. We’ve all experienced those delays in processing the next day after a heavy night of drinking. In some cases it can be downright painful to even try and think about anything let alone something with complexity. Nootropic supplements contribute to cellular repair and also improve brain and body protection by buffering the negative effects and damage caused by alcohol consumption. We all need to blow off some steam now and then, and binge drinking isn’t likely to decrease anytime soon. So take the necessary steps and utilize nootropics like Momental Mind and Mend before and after a night out, and in the morning the next day.

Why are Momental Mind and Mend effective at reducing the negative effects of a hangover?

The answer is simple. The positive effects are due to the mechanism of action of all of the ingredients.

Momental Mind is a nootropic blend filled with natural and essential ingredients to help boost your brainpower. This supplement keeps you focused, energized, and productive throughout the day under normal circumstances – something you need greatly when alcohol’s aftermath refuses to get out of your system. When it comes to addressing hangovers, Mind and Mend come with ingredients to help you get back to your senses.

These ingredients include:

Gingko Biloba

There are many reasons why Ginkgo Biloba is part of almost every herbal supplement. It is rich in various medicinal properties and helps stimulate better digestion and metabolism. Consequently, gingko biloba facilitates speedy removal of alcohol inside your brain and body to offer relief against a hangover. Ginkgo is also a natural vasodilator and will open up blood vessels for improved transport of nutrients.

If you experience dizziness or weakness, then this herb can help get rid of hangover symptoms too. Because there is better digestion and metabolism, it will be easier for your body to get rid of the toxins, thereby providing relief against headache. Blood circulation is likewise increased and ensures that you are able to concentrate in your tasks. Gingko biloba can also rejuvenate your body to overcome muscle weakness and lethargy.

Vitamin B6

One of the essential ingredients in Mind is B vitamins, which includes vitamin B6 or Pyridoxine, a primary component for concentration and memory. Did you know that it can provide relief against a hangover as well? Alcohol not only dehydrates your system, but diminishes your vitamin and mineral content as well.

A study published more than 30 years ago revealed that people who took 1,200 milligrams of Vitamin B6 before drinking had fewer hangovers compared to those who don’t. Sadly, this study was no longer replicated. Still, it’s hard to deny that vitamin B6 – and the rest of the B vitamin family can still help you recover after a night of drinking by increasing your energy production and fighting cellular damage brought by alcohol. B vitamins will replace much of what you lost from drinking too much and ensure that your physiologic function is rolling smoothly.

Quick fact: alcohol reduces vitamin B6 and returning the lost nutrients can minimize your hangover.

Vitamin B1 and B3

Did you know that vitamin B1 or Thiamine is important when drinking alcohol? Did you also know that aside from vitamin B6, vitamin B3 or Niacin is also depleted when you drink?

These two B vitamins are essential in keeping your brain healthy and energized. Since these two components are reduced after a night of drinking, taking Mind the next morning will replenish the lost nutrients to help your brain bounce back to its normal state.

Green Tea

One of the best pick-me-uppers in the morning is green tea and its effects are tremendous. It contains a lot of antioxidants that help your brain and body, settle your upset stomach and get rid of the toxins brought by alcohol. Green tea also has the right amount of caffeine to perk you up and keep you functioning throughout the day. 


Grass-fed bovine collagen closely mimics our own collagen and demonstrates the best absorption rate. When we drink, alcohol actually dries out the fluid that protects are connective tissues; ligaments, tendons, bones, joints, cartilage, menisci, and muscle elasticity. Those who like to play hard and work hard are at a much greater risk for a connective tissue injury as a result of the drying effect alcohol has on our body. By replenishing collagen stores with Mind, you greatly reduce the chance for muscle strain, cramping from dehydration, and microtrauma/tearing that can happen to muscles, ligaments, tendons, sinew, and interosseous membranes, which are thin connective tissue matrices between bones.

All of these ailments to connective tissue trigger inflammatory responses throughout your body, and collagen helps minimize inflammation in your body caused by alcohol, thereby speeding up your physical recovery against a hangover. It also brings back, supports, and strengthens various neurological processes messed up by alcohol to help you last through the day.


This is another essential ingredient in most nootropic supplements because of its positive effects on mood and anxiety when stacked with caffeine. Aside from this benefit, L-theanine can lessen brain fog brought about by a hangover. L-theanine is not only excellent for decreasing social anxiety and is great to take before hitting the town, but it can also be used after a night out to decrease the anxiety that accompanies alcohol withdrawal.

Some people mix Theanine supplements in their alcoholic drinks to reduce the effects of alcohol in real time and minimize the possibility of hangover. Really though, before, during, and after are all beneficial times for L-theanine to decrease hangover symptoms. If you’re struggling to think clearly and need to perform after a night out go for L-theanine. L-theanine helps reduce blood levels of alcohol inside your body. It will also help you sober up, be more relaxed, and more stable the next day by decreasing the anxiety.

Tip: Try taking l-theanine before drinking to reduce social anxiety and remain more clear. It’s important to note though that although you may feel more clear, the negative effects of alcohol will still be piling up so pay attention to the quantity you’re consuming.

Cat’s Claw

Reduces the symptoms of fever making it another beneficial hangover remedy in Momental Mind. Cat’s claw is an incredible antioxidant and anti-inflammatory which will greatly reduce the inflammation brought about by alcohol consumption. It’s a strong neuroprotectant along with algal DHA, bacopa, and alpha GPC. All are contained within Mind.

Tip 1: We recommend taking Mind before going out, but not after a night out because of the caffeine content in green tea that can affect your night sleep. Speaking of sleep. Let’s dive into the most critical aspect of reducing a hangover, getting real deep sleep so your brain and body can recover.

Neuroprotection or Brain protection and Recovery With Deep Sleep by Supplementing With Momental Mend.

Face it, you don’t sleep well after a night out of drinking even if you “pass out” for 8 hours. Others are up every hour needing to urinate especially if they tried to hydrate at the end of the night. Either way your sleep recovery processes are affected by alcohol and therefore you wake up the next day tired, fatigued, and generally feeling unrested. 

Huperzine A

Alcohol affects brain neurons and specifically binds to acetylcholine, GABA, and serotonin receptors. Thus altering signal transmission and processing. This all results in the buildup of extracellular glutamate in our brain which causes damage to brain cells by allowing calcium to then enter our brain cells causing damage to neurons and even cellular death. Huperzine A prevents glutamate buildup and allows acetylcholine levels to rise which improves neural connectivity and therefore cognitive processing. Not only that but acetylcholine is involved in muscle firing at the neuromuscular junction and will help bring your coordination back after a rough night. Hup-A will improve your memory and recall the next day as well.


5-HTP is a substrate of tryptophan and subsequently leads to increased development of melatonin and serotonin, and helps regulate energy production, promotes healthy DNA, and control over circadian rhythm. Serotonin regulates happiness, anxiety, and mood, while melatonin is critical for deep sleep by regulating sleep-wake cycles.  5-HTP is an incredible sleep aid and is one of the primary nootropics in Mend that contributes to a deep, restorative sleep. 5-HTP is also a substrate to NAD+ formation and subsequent sirtuin function. Current research suggests that NAD+ and sirtuins are responsible for cellular communication, which means NAD+ and sirtuins are directly involved in key physiological processes. The better you sleep, the better you recover, and the less hangover you’ll experience.

Magnesium Glycinate

Mg glycinate reduces stress and promotes relaxation and calm. By increasing available melatonin Mg glycinate induces sleep and will help you get to sleep faster and sleep for longer. One of the many problems from alcohol is that increased consumption actually disrupts your sleep even if you “pass out”. So staying in a recoverative state is desirable and achievable with Mg glycinate.

Other hangover preventing nootropics and deep sleep aids in Mend include zinc picolinate, valerian root, phenibut as well as additional vitamin B6.

Tip 2: Take Mend before going out and/or after returning home before falling asleep after a night out of drinking. Achieving deep sleep will go a long way in reducing the effects of a bad hangover. Mend taken before going out will reduce social anxiety, and put you in a calm, relaxed state.

More than the ingredients, you need to take a look at Momental Mind as a whole to appreciate it as a hangover remedy.

You might ask why.

Mind contains essential ingredients to make sure that your brain is in tiptop condition. Its aim is to support and push not just your brain but also your body during demanding days. Although not all ingredients specifically help against hangover, all of the ingredients have anti-inflammatory benefits to protect your brain and body against alcohol’s harmful effects. Mind also has antioxidants to promote healthy cells in all tissues to make it easier for you to recover.

When combined, the ingredients contained in the supplement were able to blend well together, thereby giving your brain a boost. It also helps in filling your energy levels tank to keep you active and productive for the rest of the day.


Other Natural Remedies and Hacks to Help You Decrease a Hangover

Apart from drinking Momental Mind and taking Momental Mend, there are other natural remedies you can implement to address hangover without compromising your brain’s overall health. You can try the following:

  • Drink Water – When it comes to hangover, nothing is more natural than drinking water to get rid of the after effects. Drink a glass or two as soon as you wake up to replenish and rehydrate your body. Also try adding some salt to your water to re-balance osmosis and mineral content in your body. You can squeeze the juice out of one lemon for added nutritional benefits as lemon is a natural anti-inflammatory. Combined with turmeric and ginger, lemon can be even more effective.
  • Go for Tea, Not Coffee – A cup of Joe may be your instant pick-me-upper, but it is imperative that you skip this when you have a hangover. Drink tea instead because the caffeine content is enough to give you a boost, but it’s the antioxidants you really want.
  • Try Ginger – The smell may not excite you, but when it comes to anti-nausea, ginger gets the crown. Boil ginger and add a bit of raw honey to make a powerful remedy against a hangover.
  • Exercise – There are many reasons why you need to exercise and one of them is it helps get rid of hangover naturally by speeding up metabolic processes. Just don’t over do it. A short walk or a quick jog on the treadmill can boost your metabolism, thereby making it easier to get rid of the toxins inside your body brought by alcohol. Exercise helps restore your body and mind as well. This is where collagen comes into play to prevent injury while you work yourself back to normal.
  • Take a Shower – Apart from water, a cool shower can also help freshen you up and get you back to your senses. Stick to cool shower only since extreme temperature can affect your entire system – in a not-so-good way.
  • Eat Carbs – Before you raise an eyebrow, keep in mind that your body needs carbs to keep it energized. When you drink alcohol, blood sugar levels are lower, which could be the reason why you experience headache and fatigue because your brain is now trying to work with limited fuel. Therefore, get some carbs into your system – but make sure you go for the right kind of carbs to avoid compromising your brain health, especially when you are on keto diet.

Supplementing With Momental Mind and Mend to Decrease Symptoms of a Hangover | Recap

When it comes to partying and going out, just trying to blow off a little steam can be extremely detrimental to our brain and body health. Stop feeling like this is an inevitable trade off. The fact is you can be proactive to reduce the detriments of alcohol consumption, and decrease the symptoms of a bad hangover. Alcohol will always be the life of the party, but this doesn’t mean you should consume as much as you can, even if you know there are natural remedies to help prevent and reduce symptoms of a hangover. Take it easy on your consumption, know your limitations, and learn how to say no when you feel that you had too much. Never compromise your health for a night of fun that could affect your overall system in the long run. Remember Mind and Mend are beneficial for hangover reduction given the properties contained within, and how these nootropic ingredients interact within our brain and body.






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