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Why Everyone Will Be Talking About Nootropics This Year | Momental Nootropics

Why Everyone Will Be Talking About Nootropics This Year | Momental Nootropics

Nootropic supplements are finally getting the attention they deserve. Nootropics like Momental’s MIND and MEND do great things for the body and mind. But, until recently, they had flown under the radar of the general public. Now, that is beginning to change.

Health industry pioneers like Bulletproof’s Dave Asprey have been blogging about nootropics for a few years. Mainstream publications have now joined in, with popular health-centric website Well + Good writing two pieces on nootropics at the end of 2017. The website even pegged nootropics as one of the top wellness trends of 2018.

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It’s high time that the general public started taking notice of nootropics. As health and wellness in general become more of a priority for many, it was only a matter of time before health-minded people started to get curious about ways to improve their cognitive abilities. Nootropics seamlessly fit with today’s health and wellness focused society. Below are some of the benefits of nootropics that will have everyone excited about the brain-boosting supplements this year.

Physical and Mental Benefits of Mind Body Health

In recent years, the idea of what “healthy” and “fit” means has shifted. Of course, physical fitness is still important. But the idea of what makes someone healthy has expanded beyond what happens in the gym. As evidenced by the rising popularity of things like yoga, meditation, and other mindfulness practices, people have started paying attention to the mind as well as the body.

Practices like yoga and meditation benefit the mind in the sense that they help keep you calm and relaxed, and are good for mental health. But they do not do much for overall cognitive functioning. That’s where nootropics come in to play.

Nootropics work to enhance the cellular processes of the brain so that cognitive abilities are enhanced. Things like improved memory and clarity are some of the most sought after effects of nootropics. These processes are so important to overall health and wellbeing, but are hard to induce without the right tools. Nootropics contain ingredients that actively work with the brain and its receptors to make you feel, and perform, better.

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As more and more people realize that feeling their best needs to start in the mind, nootropics are sure to become an integral part of their wellness routine. An interest in nootropics is a “natural progression of the health and fitness movement,” says Dr. Drew Ramsey, quoted in Well + Good. “The brain runs the show.” It is hard to be health conscious and want to create the best version of yourself without paying special attention to your brain and making sure that it is functioning optimally. Nootropics are the next piece in the puzzle of people feeling their best and living their healthiest lives.

De-Stress For Sustained Focus and Improved Productivity

Modern life is stressful. Yes, people have always had to work. But with today’s technology, it can be hard to feel like there is really a separate between work life and home life. When you can check your email from your phone at any time, the expectation is to be ready to work at a moment’s notice increase. This “always on” mentality has people wound up, and for good reason.

Nootropics are the ideal supplement today because they not only help you work more efficiently, but keep you from getting overwhelmed by stresses.

Take one common ingredient found in nootropics, L-theanine. This amino acid is naturally found in tea leaves, and is a known stress-reducer. But, in no way does this natural compound tire you out. It works by stimulating alpha-waves in the brain, which promote relaxation but also an awakened-state of mind, so you can be alert and productive without being stressed. The effects are even greater when combined with caffeine, like green tea extract. When combined, like they are in MIND Nootropics, the two create a “clean” energy that helps you power through without crashing or getting jittery.

Other nootropics, like Momental MEND, contain natural sedatives like valerian root. Valerian root and other ingredients in MEND like 5-HTP work together to promote relaxation and decrease anxiety. This type of nootropic helps you unwind after a long day and puts you in the right state of mind to fall asleep, sleep so you can wake up feeling refreshed.

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Natural Ingredients For Mind Body Health

Many people have become more conscious of what they put into their bodies, and this extends beyond just food. Most people today want to ensure that any supplements they take contain ingredients found in nature, not synthetics. Though some nootropics may contain synthetic ingredients, brands like Momental contain only herbal nootropics.

Synthetic nootropics may give you more of an immediate boost, but they also come with a risk of dependence over time. On the other hand, herbal nootropics get you off to a slower start, but their effects build over time. Because herbal nootropics are all natural, there is no risk to your brain or overall health from taking them for a prolonged period of time. Even if you take herbal nootropics in abnormally high doses, you will just excrete the excess.

Most of the ingredients in herbal nootropic like Momental MIND are simply derived from food. Some of these foods are not easily accessible for the everyday consumer, so Momental makes it easy to access these all-natural, cognitive boosting substances.

It is important to note that there is nothing seriously dangerous about synthetic nootropics, they are just not as close to nature as their herbal counterparts. Still, it is clear most health conscious people today are trying to stay away from anything too synthetic. That also means people are looking for more natural ways to enhance their cognitive functions. For that reason, herbal-based brands like Momental should be at the top of the list for anyone living a healthy lifestyle who wants to give their brain an extra boost.


Eating and Supplementing For Clean Energy

Today, people are busier than ever. And, unfortunately, that means they are more exhausted than ever, too. The natural energy provided by nootropics like Momental MIND solve this problem with natural herbs, so you can tackle the day with ease.

Unlike energy drinks or coffee, nootropics function by including “stacks” of ingredients that work in tandem with one another as well with the body. For example, some of the ingredients of Momental MIND include B vitamins, green tea caffeine, and L-theanine. All of the ingredients work together to create a source of energy that is also calming, creating the best possible mindset for productivity.

MIND also contains MCT oil, which provides a great energy boost and efficiently burns fat. There are usually many pieces of the “stacks” that work together to create the best energy by working with your body, rather than just pumping it with caffeine. This natural approach is appealing to many people, and will only generate more buzz once people try nootropics and notice the difference in how they feel versus energy from tons of caffeine.

Supplementing Naturally For Sustained Focus

Wanting to supplement your brain to work no efficiently is nothing new. What’s new is that these supplements may actually be good for your health. In the past, drugs like Adderall were all the rage. Now,  professionals as well as others have made the switch to nootropics.

As previously discussed, nootropics give you a boost of energy without the jitters. It is a calm or “clean” energy, which makes it easier to focus in on the task at hand, rather than simply bouncing off the walls. As people become even more busy, nootropics will become the go-to for energy in the office rather than guzzling down cups of coffee which often leads to jitters or anxiety when too much is consumed. Nootropics can boost your productivity and actually make you feel good while doing it.

Momental MIND and MEND

The health industry is constantly evolving, and for the majority of people nootropics are not yet a big part of their health routines. But, as predicted by mainstream media outlets, this year that is going to change. Nootropics like MIND and MEND are the perfect addition to a healthy lifestyle for optimal brain function, which makes every aspect of your life easier. As more and more people experience the benefits of nootropics, their popularity is sure to rise in 2018 and beyond.

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