L-theanine is the Best Nootropic for Social Anxiety | Momental

L-theanine is the Best Nootropic for Social Anxiety | Momental

A great, natural way to decrease stress and anxiety, and calm those anxious feelings quickly when you need to relax, focus and even socialize.

L-theanine is an amino acid naturally occurring in green tea leaves and is a major building block of proteins. The “L” means that this amino acid is in a free form that is ready to be absorbed into your body and can cross the blood-brain barrier which means it can act directly on brain tissue, maximizing effects quickly. L-theanine calms you and increases focus. 

The Best Nootropics for Social Anxiety


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  • Improve Mood
  • Increase Relaxation
  • Decrease Social Anxiety
  • Improve Focus
  • Decrease Stress and Subsequent Anxiety

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Improve Your Mood With L-Theanine Supplements

The benefits of taking a daily L-theanine supplement are vast and have been aiding tea drinkers for millennia. L-theanine induces relaxation thus supporting people who suffer from anxiety and mental tension [1].

L-theanine not only decreases social anxiety, it supports alpha brain waves. Alpha brain waves are most active when you are relaxed but alert. EEG studies show decreased alpha brain waves when you are drowsy and tired. You might recognize these moments when you’re overly tired and you fight to stay awake. Your eyes may be open, but your brain’s gone to bed [2].

L-theanine essentially helps to increase alpha brain wave activity so that you’re relaxed but not drowsy. Perfect for aiding dopamine and serotonin levels [3]. Serotonin is involved in the brain by regulating mood, appetite and sleep. Dopamine is often correlated with happiness due to the elated feelings you experience when dancing and partying, but specifically it is a behavior rewarding neurotransmitter that speeds up signals between brain cells (neurons). This is the underlying cause for your better mood.


L-Theanine Supplements Help Decrease Stress & Minimize Stress Factors

L-theanine has been shown to benefit physiological and psychological stress responses [4], by providing a tremendous calming effect while supporting learning capability and memory.


Increase Relaxation By Taking L-Theanine Supplements

People taking prescription drugs like Xanax and Adderall can alter their dependence on these powerful psychostimulants by using L-theanine instead to promote relaxation and calm.


Be Calm & Reduce Social Anxiety With L-Theanine Supplementation

You want to go out and socialize for the night. Whether it’s a bar, club or bowling alley it doesn’t really matter. You’re tired of feeling anxious for just wanting to have a little fun in your life. From being a little too jittery to “oh my god I can’t do this” L theanine stacked with caffeine is perfect for potentially calming those anxious jittery feelings and ensuring: “oh my god I can’t do this” turns into “oh my god let’s do this!”

A 2:1 ratio of L theanine to caffeine calms your nerves, minimizing anxiety while positively altering your focus for conversation. This is why L- theanine is the best nootropic for social anxiety.

Getting proper sleep plays a major role in maintaining your attention and focus among a multitude of other benefits. Think quality over quantity. If you’re getting less than 8 hours of sleep per night, you should definitely be aiming for deep sleep and aligning your bedtime/waking on the 90 minute rule.

What is the 90 minute rule?

On average a full sleep cycle is approximately one and half hours for most people. So that solid 8 you’re not getting might not be the worst thing afterall. Seeing as that is a little more than 5 full sleep cycles, you would wind up waking up to your alarm at a suboptimal point in your cycle. Think about how hard it is to wake up after being in the middle of a deep dream. REM sleep is considered to be the most restorative part of sleep.

You really don’t want to wake up during REM sleep. So get specific with your sleep. Sometimes less is more especially if you know you’re only going to get so many hours. Try to time the greatest number of full sleep cycles within the number of hours you have until you have to wake up.


Improve Focus With L-Theanine Supplements

Children and adults with ADHD often have compounded difficulty focusing secondary to poor sleep quality. A 2011 study found that children taking an am and afternoon supplement of L-theanine had increased time spent in restful sleep as compared to the placebo group [5]. Improving your sleep quality has tremendous benefits on your level of focus the next day.

One can see how cyclical detrimental sleep patterns can be. Less focus throughout your day means you’re spending more time on work tasks that would be finished much quicker. You stay up later to get everything done so your boss doesn’t freak, and then you start the pattern all over again.



When we combine ingredients to mutually advance their positive effects, we are stacking. L-theanine combined with caffeine from green tea has shown to be extremely effective at promoting a decrease in the jittery, anxiety provoking sensations that affect so many coffee drinkers and enables you to focus on more cognitively demanding tasks [6]

Adding alpha lipoic acid to a stack of L-theanine, and caffeine from green tea provides an even greater anti-stimulant effect to further alter caffeine induced anxiety and promote oxidation of lipids.

Caffeine consumption alone can increase blood pressure, heart rate, and again those anxious, jittery feelings. It’s rather difficult to enhance our creativity and focus our attention on critical tasks when we are bouncing off the walls. L-theanine combined with caffeine and alpha lipoic acid not only multiplies the positive effects but nullifies the negative effects of caffeine; anxiety, jitters, & disturbed sleep pattern.

Momental MIND blends ALA, L-theanine, and caffeine(green tea) with greens, grass-fed beef collagen protein, healthy fats from coconut, and MCT powder.



L-theanine is a naturally occurring substance in green tea and fills your body’s amino acid profile to form a building block of protein. It is extremely safe to supplement with L-theanine and the FDA has garnered the substance with a designation of GRAS (generally regarded as safe).

In rare circumstances people have reported mild symptoms of headache or dizziness, which may be caused by mis-dosing the ingredients, or their body’s reaction to caffeine in general.



Most people have more to accomplish than there are hours in a day. It's wishful thinking that stress and anxiety will stay at the far end of our mood spectrum, only to be experienced in extreme circumstances, but let’s face it, we all cope with these pesky mood alterations on a daily basis.

Using L-theanine combined with green tea caffeine curbs morning anxiety and gets you focused and down to business right away. Fortunately the effects are fast acting and you feel the perks immediately when you start your day. This allows you to tackle your most creatively demanding work for more hours of the day. Use these natural substances in a 2:1 ratio (theanine:caffeine) for the greatest benefit.

When you start to experiment with Nootropics it is incredibly important to factor in diet, sleep & exercise habits, fitness goals/activity and lifestyle. All of these factors play vital roles in your mind-body performance. Supplementing with a nootropic meal replacement fits a Ketogenic Diet. If you’re ready to take your health to the next level and really strive for longevity, then nootropic blends are right for you.



Using L-theanine combined with caffeine assists mental acuity, creativity, supports energy, focus and mood all while potentially eliminating the negative effects of jittery-anxiety induced caffeine consumption. L-theanine stacked with caffeine gives you a sense of calmness while being alert. It’s the assisted energy and focus that makes it an awesome anxiety aid and one of the best nootropics for social anxiety.  

  • Increase mental acuity
  • Elevate  real energy levels
  • Potentially eliminate jitters from caffeine
  • Promote calm and focused relaxation
  • Decrease social anxiety and nervous feelings


Where can I buy L-theanine supplements?

You can buy L-theanine in the supplement aisle of your favorite local health food store, otherwise you can purchase from online retailers like Amazon.

Looking for more than just another nootropic stack? Try Momental MIND, a daily blend of nootropics containing; L-theanine, grass-fed beef collagen protein, greens, and healthy fats that are perfect for on-the-go, lean lifestyles.




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