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Nootropic Sourcing of Caffeine from Green Tea Decreases Anxiety | Momental

Nootropic Sourcing of Caffeine from Green Tea Decreases Anxiety | Momental

Green tea typically contains 35-70 mg of caffeine. The dose is naturally effective in your body without causing those anxious, jittery feelings. Less caffeine than a cup of coffee, which for many can be a bit too much.

Firstly, why is caffeine from green tea so special and why is it considered a nootropic stack with L-theanine?

We have all heard the negative aspects from too much caffeine consumption. Headache, constipation, possible gut irritation, nausea, changes in heart rate and even vomiting. I’m here to tell you that there is a safe and effective amount of caffeine to add to your daily regimen that has a host of benefits.

When drinks are cultivated from plants there is a very large margin of error in trying to determine the exact amount of caffeine per 8oz. Mainly because the caffeine content depends on a host of variables, when the plants were picked, sun exposure etc.

Secondly, is there is a point of diminishing return when it comes to caffeine consumption?

Not enough and there is no real desired effect. Too much and now you’ve hit anxious, jittery mode, and accomplishing necessary tasks is going to be much more difficult. Rather than helping your focus, too much caffeine can leave you mentally scrambled, bouncing from one idea to the next incoherently.

So why not take the guess work out of the equation and know exactly how much caffeine you’re getting daily. Choosing to supplement caffeine in a stack can improve the effect of all nutrients involved. Stacking is simply combining complementary nutritional components that mutually benefit the positive effects of those ingredients.

In our bodies this produces synergy; a combined effect that is greater than the individual parts alone. Think of stacking as a functional food symbiotic relationship. One benefits the other and vice versa. For an excellent green tea recipe, check out our nootropic matcha smoothie with micro-greens

Need to know more about Nootropics? Check out our Momental Nootropic User Guide. It's full of valuable information and frequently asked questions in an easily digestible format.



  • Increase Clean Energy
  • Optimize Brain Health
  • Improve Focus
  • Increase Concentration
  • Enhance Mood
  • Improve Memory

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Green Tea Caffeine Increases Clean Energy

Besides promoting energy, and providing nutrition for our brains so that we can alter productivity, caffeine in tea has a host of other benefits as well. Click EGCG to learn more about green tea's powerful phytonutrient.


Increase Concentration From Green Tea Caffeine

Concentration improves when caffeine is stacked with L-theanine, both sourced from green tea. The Journal of Nutritional Neuroscience reported back in 2008 that when L-theanine and caffeine were combined performance on cognitively demanding tasks improved [1].


Improve Mood With Green Tea Caffeine Supplementation

The positive effects of caffeine have been studied extensively and research consistently shows the right amount of caffeine consumption leads to improved brain function. Including mood, reaction time, and memory [2].



As mentioned above, stacking is when ingredients complement one another and add to your overall nutrition and health. Stacking caffeine and L-theanine gives your brain a natural lift with focus and intent. Provided it is in the right ratio (2:1) L-theanine:caffeine.

Caffeine consumption alone can spike blood pressure, heart rate, and again those anxious, jittery feelings. It’s rather difficult to support our creativity and focus our attention on critical tasks when we are bouncing off the walls. L-theanine combined with caffeine not only multiplies the positive effects but nullifies the negative effects of caffeine; anxiety, jitters, & disturbed sleep patterns.

Adding alpha lipoic acid to a stack of L-theanine, and caffeine from green tea results in an even greater anti-stimulant effect to further alter caffeine induced anxiety and advance oxidation of lipids.



When you start to experiment with Nootropics it is incredibly important to factor in diet, sleep & exercise habits, fitness goals/activity and lifestyle. All of these factors play vital roles in your mind-body performance. 75mg of caffeine combined with 150mg of L- theanine is highly effective at promoting focus with anti anxiety properties.

Caffeine effects vary greatly from one person to the next. Avid coffee drinkers have a much higher tolerance and unfortunately caffeine is one of those substances that has diminishing effects. Eventually you need more of it to produce the same result. Caffeine combined with L-theanine helps to diminish dependency and results in decreased caffeine consumption overall. This is because you feel more sustained focus over a longer period of time rather than a huge spike and crash. 

Productivity levels can skyrocket once you make the switch from coffee to an effective 2:1 stack of L theanine and caffeine from green tea. You can still drink coffee while taking Momental MIND, and can even mix them together, especially when you aren't as sensitive to caffeine.

Other people are affected greatly by the caffeine content in coffee and may feel more alert but not even realize that they've overshot the optimal level for feeling awake and improving focus. On coffee alone, you'll feel the benefit of improved energy and focus for only about 30 minutes; just before hitting a point of diminishing return. You may feel alert for longer than 30 minutes, but find it more difficult to focus your thoughts.



Taking too much caffeine alone can result in a plethora of side effects. Caffeine taken in high doses over long periods of time can possibly result in heart rate changes, insomnia, gut irritation, nervousness, feelings of restlessness, and anxiety.

This is why caffeine from green tea that is stacked with L-theanine alters the negative effects and increases desired effects that we seek; energy, mental clarity, focus and creativity.



Using caffeine combined with L-theanine increases mental acuity, creativity, energy, focus and mood all while eliminating the negative effects of jittery-anxiety induced caffeine consumption. In short, maximize the health benefits of these natural substances.

The right dose matters, and 75 mg combined with 150 mg of L-theanine is a magical combination for most people. You'll see your productivity climb once you curb those jittery feelings and stop overdosing on caffeine. 

  • Clean caffeine stimulation
  • Controlled dose of caffeine
  • Stack with L-theanine 2:1 ratio
  • Improve cognitively demanding tasks
  • Enhance brain function


Where can I buy green tea caffeine supplements?

You can buy caffeine from green tea in the supplement aisle of your favorite local health food store, otherwise you can purchase from online retailers like Amazon.

Looking for more than just another nootropic stack? Try Momental MIND, a daily blend of nootropics containing; green tea caffeine, grass-fed beef collagen protein, greens, and healthy fats that are perfect for on-the-go, lean lifestyles. 





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