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Nootropics and the Role of Sirtuins in Aging and Metabolic Health | Momental

Nootropics and the Role of Sirtuins in Aging and Metabolic Health | Momental

Aging well is often seen as a sign of keeping oneself healthy and staving off decline. For the most part, many have been engaged in endeavors geared towards bringing oneself back or staying as close as possible to a youthful state. The idea is that youth is the epitome of one’s life, and that aging is often related to a decline of one’s life. While that may not be necessarily untrue, many have embraced the idea of aging beautifully and gracefully, a shift in paradigm, that while youth may be the peak of one's health and well-being, there are many other aspects of what may be considered meaningfully healthy as one goes through the aging process.  

The aging process is something now seen as an inevitable but necessary process in one’s life. At what point though should we accept mental and physical decline. Once upon a time 40 was considered very old, and not many lived past this point. Sure modern medicine, vaccines, and a shift in the regard for human life has our elderly climbing to 90 rather easily these days. The current generation in their 90s today though, really didn’t take too good of care of themselves. There is room for the argument to be made about whether or not we can do better. I think we can.

With advances in nutrition and general wellness. We often hear the stories too, of how they got to be that ripe old age. Often times what they attribute it to is something we do not consider healthy at all. Say a couple of glasses of scotch every night for 60 years. I would aruge that their genetics carried them to this age in spite of the harmful intake over the years. So if we are giving our bodies the best nutrients that we know of through research, and mix in an active lifestyle, it stands to aruge that we can do better, and we will do better.

There is a huge disparity among people in their 80’s and 90’s between who is just getting by, and who is actually still out living life. Your genes will likely get you there in the rocking chair, but the health conscious and myself included want to get there in a kayak. Going through this aging process need not be a surrender to the deterioration of one’s self, that we have witnessed from the generations above. Rather we still aim to retain what may be considered maximum potential or capability for as long as possible.

Does grandpa want to go see the Grand Canyon, or does he want to sit in his chair all day until the end? This inevitable grandpa wants to go back and visit the Grand Canyon. Who’s with me? As far as we know, you have one life on this planet. So if we can do everything possible and use research that is available to us to make wise decisions regarding our health, why wouldn’t we at least attempt to slow the aging process. Eventually genetic modification will get us there, but for now the vast majority must use quality decision making for nutrition and physical activity. Aging can be a wonderful thing, especially if you strive for improvement throughout your lifespan. We should all embrace aging, but seek to slow down the associated decline.

Many studies have been conducted to delay signs of aging. Be it in the skin, in the muscles, in the bones, and with the developments in the last few decades, we have gone to a molecular level, to understand how the aging process works, and how we can possibly tweak it, to serve our best interests.

One of the popular subjects in slowing down aging is sirtuins. They have been associated with longevity and stability of chromosomes, and increasing the lifespan of certain organisms, and may be related to the diseases associated with aging and may perhaps extend human lifespan. [1]


What Are Sirtuins?

Sirtuins are proteins found in many organisms. Sir2 (silent information regular 2) is found to regulate genetic materials and its functions. [1] Sirtuin genes in yeast function as anti-aging genes. [2] There are many kinds of sirtuins that have been discovered to exist in the human body and there is a steady amount of interest towards their primary function as they have been shown to have links to increased lifespan in other organisms. While there is still doubt as to the role that human sirtuins play, there is widespread acceptance that sirtuins have beneficial effects on physical health and quality of aging. [3]


How Do We Apply Our Knowledge of Sirtuins in Our Daily Lives?

The majority of interest that sirtuins have gathered over the years are related to the field of medicine. For the most part, there is a general consensus that Sir2, is a limiting component of longevity, and that increases in Sir2 lead to a longer lifespan. [4]

There are researchers who look at the potential of sirtuins in regulating ovarian function, which includes diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the ovaries.[5]

Others have looked into the relationship of calorie restriction and its potential to increase lifespan and the role that sirtuins play in this process. Most of these studies are technical in nature, and practical application among non-health professional is almost absent, except that of which deals with the common practice among many people – calorie restriction or dieting.


Sirtuins and Calorie Restriction to Improve Cellular and Metabolic Heath

There are plenty of studies that show how sirtuins in mammals respond to calorie restriction by mediating physiologic adaptations that result in prevention of aging and the diseases associated with it. [6] This has been the subject of plenty of debate, but since it was first postulated, plenty of research has been conducted to support this claim.


Dietary Restriction is Not The Same as Going On a New Diet

Calorie restriction has been around for a long time, and has been linked to prolonged lifespan. This lifestyle choice has been linked to sirtuins and has been the subject of many studies over the years. How is it exactly done and what are the benefits to be gained from it?

Calorie restriction or energy restriction is a dietary regimen that aims to reduce the total intake of calories without getting to the point of getting malnourished. Preferably done under the guidance of an expert; a physician, a nutritionist, or any health professional. This dieting regimen should be done without going to a point that you deprive your body of the necessary nutrients and energy requirements. But with the proper help, this diet regimen can be a rewarding experience. So what exactly would you get out of this?


Better Aging With Calorie Restriction and Increasing Sirtuins

Sirtuins are activated during calorie restriction. The diet regimen calls for the regulation of the intake of calories. The activation of sirtuins has been shown to extend the lifespan of mammals.

Chemical signaling cascades within the cells of the body are initiated in reaction to the diet that was initiated. This of course is the desired effect, beyond what we get from the diet alone. The caloric decrease may lead you to healthier meal choices, less sugar that is eaten and absorbed by the body, or that the body would no longer turn excess calories into body fat, but rather the consumed food would encourage utilization of stored energy sources from the body, which leads to burning off extra weight.

Calorie restriction produces another effect – which is observed over time and manifests in leaner body mass and increased life span. The effect observed prolongs life by adding on to it, by delaying the progressive deterioration that we have come to know as aging. This delay increases and prolongs the viability or rather the vitality of one's body.


Slow Physiological Decline By Fasting and Increasing Sirtuins

Aging is not merely a show of change in our physical and outward appearance. We also consider the functions that the body can perform. With sirtuins, we can delay the rate at which the body’s functions decline.

The aging process has a cellular component to it, and thus our brain and organs will show decline as well. Memory can be impaired and typically shows decreased aptitude over time. Bones become less durable. Muscles also show significant decrease in functionality and loss of in sereies sarcomeres. Sarcomeres are cellular components within muscles that are the basic unit of striated skeletal muscle. They are part of the shortening or contraction of muscle. Visual acuity also steadily decrease over time and macular degeneration in which blurs or reduces vision in the center of the visual field is common among elderly. Hearing can become less distinct and even inaudible. Our skin shows steady and progressive wrinkling with a loss of turgor. Turgor is the elasticity component of skin. Pull on the skin on the back of your hand and watch how quickly or slowly it forms back into position to test turgor. Our heart, arteries and veins lose slowly over time their physical capacity and characteristics. Arterial walls lose their elasticity and ability to dilate and constrict. Leading to atherosclerosis(hardening of arteries) or even weakness in the vessel wall which is prone to rupture. All of these internal structures decline with aging at the cellular level. Sirtuins are purported to slow all of these down, prolonging the maximum potential that each cell and each organ have. [7]

So age is not just an external, physical manifestation that we can see. Many people will argue that biohacking won’t provide a noticeable change. The problem with this line of thinking is that it completely ignores what we know about damaging substances to the body. Have you ever seen a 40 year old alcoholic, rough right? We know without a doubt that poor choices in diet and substance abuse can speed up aging drastically. Why is it so difficult for people to realize that aging is a spectrum? If you can speed it up, you can implement little changes in your life to slow it down. Taking good care of yourself isn’t just about avoidance anymore, but rather seeking out nutrients and other biohacks that will improve your life span. Daily noticeable changes will be small, but over the course of decades, you’ll be happy you invested the time and energy into taking care of yourself.


How do We Increase Sirtuin Function and Level to Improve Aging?

We do this by maintaining a healthy diet, supplementing with known ingredients that have demonstrated efficacy for improving NAD+, which in turn improves Sirtuin function, and specifically via calorie restriction. There are studies that contend that certain molecules may activate sirtuins, which suggests that synthetic drugs that specifically mimic these actions will eventually be developed. [8]

Sirtuin activity has been shown to increase in response to calorie restriction. Calorie restriction is done by decreasing the amount of calories that one has to take in. Most of the time, this is in the form of regulating one's food intake. Others turn to a form of diet which does not necessarily decrease the amount but rather shifts into items that are just as satisfying but contains fewer calories. You can achieve this by eating healthy fats from walnuts, almonds, avocados, coconut(MCTs). These will provide you with earlier and greater satiety.

I prefer meal skipping, and once you get used to it, the difficulty vanishes. I was always a breakfast eater for most of my life, but I realized I was eating late and a big meal for dinner. There was no reason for me to get up in the morning and pour on more calories. I definitely was not burning up a storm sleeping all night. This is when supplementing becomes even more effective. You still want your body and mind to be able to function at a high level. Using herbal nootropics along with healthy fats and greens for energy and phytonutrients will give your body exactly what it needs on the cellular level to function optimally while you reduce your caloric intake. If you don’t have a large meal at night, and are just so hungry in the morning, add some additional ingredients to your nootropic smoothie. Add walnuts, avocado, additional almonds, and use almond or coconut milk for the base. Adding fruit will provide a sweet taste and some additional calories for energy. Supplementing with additional MCTs to give your brain some fast energy works great too.

Dieting is never as easy as it sounds, and honestly rarely works. Do not look at caloric restriction as a new diet fad. Rather you are making a conscious decision to evaluate your day and the amount of food intake. It not just the willingness to undergo such process that is needed. Yes, it takes discipline. Your body has become very used to your current eating regimen, but after 2 weeks of skipping meals and evaluating what you can cut out or trade in for more nutrient dense foods, it gets much easier. Eventually it’s just what you do. You’ll recognize that you aren’t hungry enough to eat at point X of the day. The temperament necessary for such an ordeal is also important.

Those who go on a diet, and more so, calorie restriction, would have to change the amount of food that his or her body usually receives. This can take a huge toll on the person once initiated. However, it is incredibly worthwhile to trick your body and mind to go into survival mode. Your body will start to burn up its fat stores, which is what they are there for. In times of scarcity and famine, only we don’t experience these states anymore, especially in the US. So you need to create scarcity in your day, and it doesn’t have to be drastic. You’ll soon realize how truly resilient your body is and that you aren’t just going to die or vanish because you started to skip meals and restrict your calorie intake.


What Food Can I Eat for Low Calorie or Calorie Restriction?

One need not deprive the body too much when going experimenting with calorie restriction. A lot of people do not like going into a diet because they don’t feel satisfied with the food that they eat. However, there are plenty of food items available in the market that are fulfilling, full of energy, and can meet your calorie requirements for your diet regimen.

You can opt for vegetables and dark leafy greens. We have broccoli, mushrooms, kale(many varieties), spinach, peppers, cauliflower, carrots, celery, etc. Some fruit like grapefruit, berries, apples. If you have a high glycemic index, too much fruit is not your friend. You can also go for whole grains as substitutes for many common food items unless you are trying to stay low carb. These can provide you with the satiety you are after without sacrificing your calorie intake. A sweet potato has more nutrient value than a regular potato, not great but better. Avoid drinking fruit juices, even if it’s 100% juice, because the sugar content is too high and there isn’t enough fiber to help regulate blood sugar. Eat whole fruits whenever you are craving a sweet. Vegetables, there are so many I am not going to name them all. Root vegetables, shrub veggies, and so on. Eat them all. The options for dark greens are endless. If you’re a meat eater, eat that bit of fat around your steak, only opt for a 4 oz cut and not 12oz. Fill the rest of your meal with dark greens and other vegetables, and healthy fats as mentioned above.


Supplementation During Meal Skipping With Nootropics

There are also food supplements available in the market that can aid you in your regimen. There are many types available. There are food supplements that come in the form of pills or capsules to take with your regular diet. There are those that replace food items in your regular intake that provide you with the sustenance that you require. Take, for example, Momental Mind and Mend. We only use herbal nootropics in Mind, combined with collagen, organic greens, and healthy fats from MCTs. We are covering the spectrum for memory, acetylcholine function, cellular health and function. They work by providing your brain and body substrates that they will then use to make additional naturally occurring compounds in your body.


Natural Sleep Aid Momental Mend

For example, 5-HTP in Mend raises levels of tryptophan, which in turn increase NAD+ levels and sirtuin function. Both are hot health topics right now because both decline with aging and elevated levels of NAD+ and sirtuins are correlated with anti-aging and longevity.

Huperzine A: Is a cholinesterase inhibitor, so it allows acetylcholine levels to rise. Which is an organic chemical (neurotransmitter) in the brain and body. In the PNS, it communicates with muscles. In the CNS it's involved in the hippocampus, cerebral cortex, and forebrain and contributes to cognitive function related to those areas.

Valerian Root: Thought to work as a sedative on Gaba receptors, and is an anticonvulsant. The exact mechanism of action is still unclear to science. Anecdotally, it relaxes you and works as an anxiolytic (anti-anxiety).

Phenibut: Works on Gaba as well. GABA-a is a ligand gated ion channel, and the reason this is important is because Ligands contribute to receptor activation and are known to have anxiolytic (anti-anxiety), euphoric, and muscle relaxant effects.


Daily Meal Replacement Momental Mind

Alpha GPC in Mind raises acetylcholine levels, and acetylcholine is among the most common neurotransmitters involved in a host of functions throughout our brain and body. In your brain its largely cell to cell communication or from neuron to neuron. In our body it contributes to the signal that tells muscles to fire(contract). Mind contains tons of herbal nootropics that show efficacy for increasing memory, processing, cognitive performance, and neuroprotection.

Ginkgo biloba: A study published in January 2017 for the U.S. National Library of Medicine has claimed that the antioxidant activity from ginkgo biloba is attributed to its neuroprotective effects. Making it a potent antioxidant that will fight cancer causing free radicals, as well as protecting neurons from stress that will damage cognitive processes overtime

Cat's claw: CC is an antioxidant that scavenges free radicals and is a strong inhibitor of TNF-a (tumor necrosis factor-alpha) production. TNF-a is a pro-inflammatory cytokine responsible for unwanted inflammation. CC ability to act as a potent anti-inflammatory relates to its modulation of the immune system via suppression of TNF-a [9]. CC also Aids DNA repair and immune function. WBC (white blood cell) count was found to be significantly elevated in a human study when given 440mg of cat’s claw extract daily. 

Algal DHA: DHA is a nootropic that science supports. The Journal of Nutrition studied the effects of DHA on community volunteers aged 35-54 years old with no neuropsychiatric disorders. The authors found that a higher percentage of DHA lead to improved performance across 5 dimensions of cognitive functioning. Participants’ working memory, non verbal reasoning, mental flexibility and vocabulary all improved.

Even more telling is the strong correlation between DHA, working memory and vocabulary as these parameters continued to show linear gain even after prior education and vocabulary were accounted for. The implication for DHA is that it’s a major component of brain health throughout our lifespan [10].

Phosphatidylserine: Administration of 100mg daily of phosphatidylserine for 12 weeks was given to a group identified with age related memory impairment. The results showed that learning and memory tasks of daily life showed benefit as compared to the placebo groupThere was improvement on both computerized and standard neuropsychological performance tests [11].

Alpha lipoic acid: Combined with ginkgo biloba further aids neuroprotective effects and supports overall brain health. ALA has potent neuroprotective properties given its antioxidant makeup. It promotes neural regeneration (growth of neurons) and combats neurodegenerative disease [12]. Making it one of the most popular nootropics to ward off decline. It’s helping our brain strengthen signal pathways that allow us to complete cognitively demanding tasks. By fighting neural degeneration, ALA is aiding our brain’s ability to stave off cognitive decline.

These ingredients contribute to your immune system function, speed of processing, internal communication, fat layering over your cells, and even burning fat. This is a good thing as all cells have a phospholipid fat layer. It’s like the cell’s healthy shell.

Mind provides you with the sustenance that your body and brain needs especially if you are meal skipping or restricting calories. This will help you fill the gap between what your body is used to getting and your current caloric restriction state. This will help you get rid of that unsatisfied feeling when you place your body in a restrictive eating pattern.


Mend Capsule Supplement For Deep Sleep, and Recovery

Momental Mend is a supplement that is in capsule form. Mend was made for stress and anxiety reduction and sleep recovery. It does so based on the anxiolytic properties of the ingredients. If you are pushing your performance level during the day with nootropcs it’s highly advised you elevate your rest and recovery as well. The more time you spend in deep sleep, the more relaxed and recovered you will be in the morning. Your body and mind also undergo their greatest regenerative capabilities while you sleep. This is the time for you to regenerate, and Mend will put you into a state of deep sleep. It’s a bonus that it also contributes to cellular repair and neurogenesis.

Check out what other verified buyers are saying about Mend.

Mind Meal Replacement Nootropic For Cognitive Performance

This is a meal replacement that provides your brain and your body the right amount of nutrition without compromising your satiety. Consumers have given feedback that this keeps them satiated and fulfilled. Meal replacements often contain the right amount of nutrients and calories that your body requires to perform at its optimum level. 

Check out what other verified buyers are saying about Mind.

Meal replacements can also be used to augment your diet should you be left craving for more food, unsatisfied, or was unable to fulfill your body’s needs. Meal replacements can fill the gap in your meals that your body craves for especially in the early periods of your regimen. Momental Mind isn’t just a meal replacement. For those who are physically active, and training you will need additional calories to keep up with the amount you are burning. If you are overweight and looking to reduce your intake, you would absolutely use Mind as a meal replacement. Not everyone’s caloric needs are the same, and some people burn more calories metabolically at rest than others. Know that whatever your goal is, improving cellular health and cognitive performance will fit into any diet plan or calorie restriction endeavor. We added healthy fats from MCTs, organic greens, and grass fed collagen because we wanted to cover the spectrum for energy needs, cellular health, and muscle, joint, cartilage recovery and integrity.

You may still be hungry especially starting out with calorie restriction, but know that you body and brain are getting the nutrients they need to succeed. Trick your body into survival mode, and start burning those fat stores. Those of you who train heavily should use Mind as an augment or addition to your regimen. For everyone trying to maximize cognitive output, and crush work goals, Mind and Mend are your new best friends.


Summary of Nootropics and The Role of Sirtuins in Aging and Metabolic Health

Proper and healthy dieting has always been proven to produce good results. There are many types available and can be tailored to fit the requirements of the person who will undergo the regimen; be it to lose weight, maintain a healthy physique, be physically fit, or maybe simply keep oneself healthy. Eating nutritous foods can be an effective tool to achieve all of these. Dieting often doesn’t work, because people generally don’t change their habits. Focus on your habits, and start asking yourself why you reach for the sugar bun or donut? Have you created this little daily crutch? Ask yourself what is the worst thing that will happen to me if I don’t eat this? There is so much delicious, flavor filled food out there that you do not need to go for the cheap thrill that processed sugary foods provide. Without a doubt these will lead to health problems, poor aging, and more rapid decline.

Calorie restriction promotes a healthy and increased lifespan. Calorie restriction has long been linked to adding years to our lifespan. One of the mechanisms being looked at is the involvement of cellular activity involving sirtuins.

Sirtuins have long been linked to increased lifespan in many organisms, including mammals. Over the years, plenty of research has pointed to this claim. Longevity has long been a subject of many studies all over the globe, and sirtuins certainly is a subject of great interest in the medical community. While there is evidence to show that sirtuins are involved in many other functions within the body, delaying aging and delaying physiologic decline has certainly captured the interest of scientists. More research is needed and much is underway in determining the exact mechanism of action relating sirtuin function to aging. It’s really just a matter of time until further light is shed definitively on sirtuins and their role in aging in the human body.

Sirtuins are known to be activated when subjected to calorie restriction according to some studies. Calorie restriction calls for a specific type of diet to be employed, which is best done under the guidance of a health professional, be it a doctor, or a nutritionist, or an expert who has done the necessary training for overseeing this type of regimen.

While dieting may leave one unsatisfied, there are plenty of food items available that can provide you with the satisfaction that your body has grown accustomed to before you even started your diet. You may also turn to supplements to aid you with your body's needs. Nootropic supplements are formulated to improve brain function and can fill the gap that your body is craving for once you start adapting your diet regimen. There is no need to put your body under a lot of stress once you restrict your calorie intake. There are many alternatives to your usual food intake and supplements to aid you with your new health venture. Cheers to healthy aging, and productive longevity.



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