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Supplement Your Diet with Psyllium Husk to Increase Nootropic effects | Momental

Supplement Your Diet with Psyllium Husk to Increase Nootropic effects | Momental

Psyllium Husk is a soluble fiber that is made from Plantago Ovata seeds. Psyllium is also known for its digestive, heart and pancreas health benefits. Supplementing psyllium husk into a nootropic blend, increases the effectiveness and absorption of brain enhancing nutrients. Other functional fibers like tapioca dextrin are incredible additions to a diabetic diet to help those achieve normal blood glucose levels.

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  • Improve Regularity
  • Regulate Blood Sugar
  • Improve Digestive Health
  • Heart Health
  • Lower Cholesterol Levels
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Decrease Lipid Levels

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    Improve Regularity By Supplementing With Psyllium Husk

    Taking daily psyllium husk(Ispaghula) helps promote digestive health and supports regularity of bowel movements as it soaks up water in your lower intestine. Doses between 100-300mg have exhibited a laxative effect, but doses between 500-1000mg taken daily resulted in antisecretory and antidiarrheal activity. Authors of the study conclude that psyllium husk stimulates the gut by muscarinic receptor activation which may complement the laxative effect of the fiber content. It also has a gut inhibitory effect by possibly blocking calcium channels and activating NO-cyclic guanosine monophosphate pathways which may contribute to its use for diarrhea [1].


    Regulate Blood Sugar With Psyllium Husk

    Research suggests that taking fiber helps maintain glycemic balance, which stated another way helps to regulate blood sugar. Regulating blood sugar is a critical component to keep from experiencing peaks of short lasting energy followed by crashes.

    Psyllium husk is a bulk forming laxative and has been studied for its glycemic control in patients with type 2 diabetes. In 2005 a group of 49 patients with type 2 diabetes were given either 5g of placebo or psyllium husk twice per day for 8 weeks. Fasting plasma glucose was measured every 2 weeks and total plasma cholesterol, LDL-cholesterol, HDL-cholesterol, triglyceride, and insulin levels were measured every 4 weeks. Doses were taken 30 minutes prior to breakfast and dinner. The results showed a significant reduction in fasting plasma glucose levels, an increase in HDL-c(good) was measured, and the ratio of LDL-c to HDL-c decreased significantly [2].  

    Combining a healthy diet with functional fiber and alpha lipoic acid may further contribute to blood sugar regulation, but also promote detoxification of fat loving chemicals in our body and support burning fat

    Momental Mind is a natural diabetes supplement that is low GI that can be used as a meal replacement drink. Simply add to water or in your favorite shake. Know that Mind is sugar free and contains alpha lipoic acid to help assist your body in breaking down fat. Mind can also increase resting metabolism to help with weight loss.


    Improve Digestive & Heart Health With Psyllium Husk

    Fiber plays a major role in proper digestion, heart health and may also help lower blood pressure, and change lipid (fat) levels. Psyllium husk supplementation is thought to aid digestive and heart health by promoting fecal fat loss, palmitic acid excretion, and altering fat digestibility. All of this may contribute to lowering blood cholesterol(hypocholesterolemic) levels [3].

    Palmitic acid is the most common saturated fatty acid found in animals and plants. It is commonly found in meat, cheese, and butter.


    Lower Cholesterol By Adding Psyllium Husk To Your Diet

    Another recent study from 2011 shows that taking psyllium daily for at least 6 weeks was beneficial in reducing cholesterol in obese and overweight individuals. The authors concluded that simply adding psyllium husk to a normal diet was sufficient to reduce risk factors for metabolic syndrome. When combined with fiber from a healthy diet the beneficial effects at reducing metabolic risk factors were even greater [4].



    Combining psyllium husk, acacia fiber, and tapioca dextrin makes for an incredible daily source of fiber. These soluble, all natural fibers are excellent for promoting proper digestion, heart health, and help you achieve normal blood glucose levels.

    Momental MIND utilizes tapioca dextrin, a functional fiber including a daily source of organic greens, healthy fats from MCTs, algal DHA and phosphatidylserine, grass-fed beef collagen protein and nootropics.



    You truly need fiber in your diet to promote glycemic balance. This is why drinking fruit juices is essentially drinking sugar water. The fiber you would get from eating the whole fruit is no longer present and your blood glucose levels subsequently spike, which leads to poor focus, decreased mental clarity and inevitable crashes.

    High blood glucose levels wreak havoc on your body and mind’s ability to perform at optimal levels. Other than a couple more nutrients, drinking fruit juices is nearly as bad for you as consuming soft drinks.

    Excess sugar in your diet is the real culprit for a laundry list of metabolic health problems. Metabolic disorders like heart disease, diabetes and stroke  are typically caused by too much or too little essential nutrients

    Make sure you are getting adequate fiber in your diet. Better yet, fiber from a natural source like psyllium husk. If your diet is low in fiber as so many are with today’s typical cuisine, then supplementing is a great option to promote digestive regularity and balance blood sugar.



    Serious allergic reactions to Psyllium Husk are rare. If you notice any swelling of your throat, tongue, face or other typical histamine responses including: rash, dizziness, trouble breathing or excessive itching, contact your doctor or pharmacist.

    Knowing your allergies can be accomplished by getting a blood test from your physician or naturopath. Having even mild allergies to various substances can affect your day, so don’t guess, test, and know.



    Utilizing fiber from Psyllium Husk is of significant value for regulating blood sugar and promoting proper digestion. Psyllium Husk may aid in heart health by helping to lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and lipid levels.

    Avoid drinking fruit juice as it is essentially sugar water and may lead to inevitable spikes in blood sugar which could reduce your ability to focus on more complex tasks and diminish mental clarity.  

    • Regulate blood sugar
    • Help with blood pressure
    • Affect cholesterol positively
    • Assist lipid (fats) levels 




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