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Why Are MCT Supplements Beneficial in Momental Mind? | Momental Nootropics

Why Are MCT Supplements Beneficial in Momental Mind? | Momental Nootropics

Today, there are several diet options that are proven to be safe and effective. These are usually supported by scientific studies and research by experts in their respected fields. The key to success with any diet regimen is choosing the one that fits your current lifestyle if healthy, or the lifestyle that you aspire to and are willing to work for.

If your current food choices are keeping you unhealthy than you definitely want to decide on eating for the future and not the present. You can also supplement with nootropics to overcome poor nutrient intake. We hate to even use the word diet, because of what it invokes in fearful readers' minds. Thoughts of restriction, limitation, and discomfort typically come to mind.

Rather than thinking of going on a diet, it’s best to take a hard look at yourself and admit some difficult truths. How are you coping with stress? What do you usually do to combat anxiety? What are your daily habits that lead to inactivity and poor food choices? In most cases, going on a diet isn’t necessary.

Re-selecting where you get your calories from by choosing nutrient dense foods and using additional fat for fuel will lead to weight loss and gradual lifestyle changes for the advancement of health and longevity.  

Eating high fat, low carbohydrate is really about nutrition education and understanding how these energy sources are broken down and utilized by our brain and body. Carbs, and even processed carbs do provide some energy, but they come at a detriment for brain and body health. Excess carb intake will get broken down into sugars and your liver will store the extra energy that isn’t used as fat. Fat energy utilization is different, and isn’t broken down by the liver and stored as fat. Fats are vital for our body to ensure its optimum performance. Healthy fats will decrease caloric need so that fullness or satiety is experienced sooner, and staves off hunger for longer.

Processed carbs contribute to poor cellular health and actually harm our mitochondria, which are our energy regulators for our cells. They are basically running the show, and are the foreman in the factory directing workers, in this case organelles. When you eat processed carbs you damage your cells metabolically. This not only contributes to a heightened risk of disease, but research that has largely been squashed for the past 100 years indicates that these metabolic breakdowns and dysfunctions with mitochondria are the real causes for cancer in which cells no longer have their foreman directing workers and cell proliferation goes off unchecked.

Our cancer rates have steadily increased alongside the increase in processed food and carb consumption. Chemo and drug cocktails have not been the answer, but I’ll save that for another post.  It can also be dangerous when the wrong kinds of fat are consumed with increased detriment with large amounts. It is therefore important to choose healthy fats coming from great sources.

You’ve probably heard of “MCT” in the news, online, or in the fitness world. Others may have read “MCT” in the product labels. These letters stand for medium chain triglyceride and are a good quality source of fat that can be incorporated in the diet. MCTs are highly recommended and a smart addition to your meal plan and to your daily routine. MCTs promote an improvement in both energy provided and energy utilized both physically and mentally. They contribute to rapid brain use and are the largest contributor to satiety, triggering a greater hormone response for fullness. This is a big reason why you don’t need to consume nearly as many calories with a high fat vs high carb diet.

“Animals fed the MCT diet had significantly lower levels of dissectable fat, which was attributed to higher resting and maximal norepinephrine-stimulated 02 consumption and metabolic rate. Liver fat and blood glucose values were comparable between the two groups (Baba, et al., 1982)” - The two groups being comprised of MCT and LCT respectively. The point being increased metabolic response from fats improves the digestion of stored fat, doesn’t lead to increased fat storage, and provides a heightened state of metabolism. This is another reason for the fast energy to your brain and body. This enhanced metabolism as a result of MCT consumption is called thermogenesis. An increase in thermogenesis means you burn more calories at a resting state.

To know more about MCT, the benefits that it can offer, and the different forms available, read on:


What is MCT fat?

MCT stands for Medium-Chain Triglyceride. MCTs are a form of saturated fatty acids that are normally made up of 6 to 12 carbon chains. The shorter structure allows better metabolism for a more rapid and more efficient production of clean and long-lasting energy to the brain and body.

The unique structure, shorter chain length of MCT offers several health benefits. Some of the advantages include:


  • Easier to digest and utilize
  • MCT is easily processed and assimilated by the body for better and fast fat absorption. This is beneficial for people with digestive problems and those who lack or have gallbladder insufficiency or issues with their hepatic duct, which is a critical cross section for digestion.



    • Reduces fat storage in the body

    MCTs are easily absorbed and converted into energy leaving no room for excess fats from other types of triglycerides. This is a great way of losing weight and getting rid of unwanted fats.




  • Aids for quick metabolism
  • MCT provides fast and sustained energy through better metabolism. This will act as a perfect source of natural energy in the body.



  • Helps maintain proper weight
  • MCT promotes satisfaction and satiety to the brain and body leading to prevention of cravings. This will help in ideal weight control and healthy weight maintenance.


  • Optimizes brain function and performance
  • MCTs help create the energy needed by the brain. This results in better cognitive functioning, enhanced memory, and improved mental focus and clarity.


  • Improves immune health
  • MCTs have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that reduce cellular damage resulting from inflammation in the brain and body. This contributes to immune system function as well as overall health.


  • Improve gut health
  • MCT have antibacterial and antiviral properties that balance good gut bacteria and fight harmful gut bacteria. This balance between good and bad bacteria ensures proper digestive function and will lead to improved gut health.


  • Promote heart health
  • MCT helps combat cardiovascular diseases leading to better health and wellness. Your body won’t store these healthy fats in the form of plaque and cholesterol which compromises blood vessels and leads to atherosclerosis. Excess sugar is a far greater contributor to atherosclerosis than fat.


  • Balance hormone levels in the body
  • MCTs help in proper hormone balancing and trigger the formation of satiety hormones in the body. This improves overall health outcomes through caloric restriction, weight maintenance, and weight loss. It’s this system of triggering hormones that will keep you from overeating, and also prevents the consumption of empty calories.



    What is the origin of MCT?

    The main and probably the most common whole food source of MCT is coconut oil. Majority of the fatty acid content (around 65%) found in coconut oil belong to the medium chain triglyceride group. Coconut oil will undergo several processes to ensure that only concentrated medium chain triglycerides (MCT) are obtained and gathered. The procedure may include distillation methods to extract C8 and C10 chains which are what generally compose the majority of products containing MCT.

    There are additional whole foods that are good sources of MCTs. These include the following:

    • Palm oil
    • Olive oil
    • Butter
    • Milk (whole-fat)
    • Cheese (hard)
    • Yogurt (whole-fat)


    How to take MCTs to increase energy, burn fat, and improve brain and body health?

    MCTs are water soluble and readily absorbed by the brain and body as compared to their long chain relatives (long-chain triglycerides). They are also odorless and flavorless making them more versatile and adaptable. Taste and character of foods are not altered significantly with the inclusion of MCTs. They have a mild taste which can make a smoothie more rich. One can choose from a variety of ways on how to take MCTs to ensure optimal results.

    1. MCTs can be taken directly with water for more energy, as a vehicle to deliver other nutrients to tissues, and healthier body. Momental Mind contains 5,000mg of MCTs and can be taken twice daily. Upper thresholds for consumption have been determined safe at 12,000mg. The FDA recommends 30% of a 2500 calorie diet to be fat which means 83.3g of fat can be consumed each day. The problem being that the FDA has obscured food dietary guidelines with carbs from breads and grains being way too high. Even if you don’t abide by our recommendation of approximately 70% fat intake daily, you would still want to increase fat intake and drastically lower what they recommend for carb consumption. Just be careful not to overdose on MCTs as the body will excrete the excess amount.
    2. MCT can be added to foods and drinks, such as coffee, shakes, energy drinks, and even salads to boost energy and achieve other benefits. As much as possible, use recommended amounts to ensure best results. They can also be used to cook with and do not degrade under high temperatures. This makes Momental Mind an awesome addition to not only shakes and smoothies, but baked goods. Just make sure your muffins or pancakes have nootropic benefits and aren’t traditional flour and sugar based.
    3. MCT powder can be used in cooking and baking. Just be careful on the temperature to be used as it may affect the effectivity of the compound. In other words stay below 450 degrees, and gradual raising of heat is better than flash frying. To be clear, do not fry with MCT OIL, it degrades at a much lower temp. Coconut oil is fine, but again gradual heating and keeping it below a smoking point is mandatory. If you’re pan is smoking, shut off the heat, dump the oil, clean the pan and start over. There are oils that tolerate much higher heat.
    4. MCT powder is a smart addition to nootropic supplements and blends for easier and better consumption and lends credence to Momental Mind’s meal replacement benefits. This may come in different forms such as liquid, capsule, or powdered form. This powerful and more concentrated source is combined with other fats, organic greens, collagen, and nootropics to guarantee the best results.

    With the increasing demand for MCT supplements, more manufacturers are formulating the best and highest quality blends to offer consumers. One of the most beneficial nootropic  supplements on the market including MCTs in the composition is Momental Mind.


    What is Momental Mind Nootropic Blend?

    Momental Mind is a complete nootropic meal supplement highly recommended for all people looking to maximize mental output, decrease detrimental carb intake, and improve their nutrient profile for better brain and body function. It is guaranteed safe, effective, and comparable to the essential nutrients found in whole foods. Mind improves mental and physical health by providing herbal substrates that are used by both brain and body to maintain and improve physiological processes. The brain and body are well nourished to perform tasks and activities everyday, but especially on tough, demanding days. For additional reading on ingredients and research to back, follow the links below.


    What is the composition of Momental Mind?

    This blend is sourced from whole food nutrients and herbal extracts, which provide substrates that both brain and body use to optimize health. The best part about substrates and extracts as that they are specific and nutrient dense. Substrates do not alter synaptic response in your brain, they merely provide additional nutrients that you would otherwise have to seek out from an insane variety of foods, herbs, roots, rhizomes, stems and so on. There are no added substitutes, fillers, or binding agents in the composition. Some of the ingredients found in Momental Mind are as follows:

  • Algal DHA
  • Algal DHA aids in the cognitive functions and mechanisms. It helps improve the brain and decreases the risk of inflammation and diseases.


  • Bacopa
  • Bacopa is a perennial aquatic plant that helps with memory loss and stress. It improves brain health and memory as well as reduces anxiety and stress.


  • Caffeine (from Green Tea)
  • Green Tea Caffeine when combined with L-theanine helps decreases anxiety and tension. This combination increases energy for optimum performance and brain health with better focus, mood, and concentration without causing anxious jitters. 50% of the green tea content is caffeine. Less than a cup of coffee. Green tea in Mind contains 98% polyphenols and the EGCG content is responsible for most of the health benefits.


  • Collagen (Grass Fed)
  • Collagen is the body’s main structural protein that is highly beneficial. Grass fed bovine collagen closely mimics our own and It restores joint surfaces, decreases inflammation, and improves muscle elasticity. It also protects bones and allows for better recovery and regeneration of tissues in the body. Those who have eaten or supplement with high quality collagen slow the degeneration of connective tissues and are able to physically perform well past their prime. When collagen is combined with regular exercise, tissue integrity improves, and degradation decreases.  


  • Gingko Biloba
  • Gingko Biloba acts as an antioxidant that helps protect the brain. It helps in the improvement of memory and concentration for a better and more enhanced mood and increased and restored energy. EGb-761 from ginkgo biloba, the main extract with the most potent health benefits is the largest contributor to brain protection, and it shows evidence to reduce neurological decay secondary to aging. We haven’t found the fountain of youth, but ginkgo and other neuroprotectants like alpha lipoic acid decrease the chance for degenerative changes.


    • L-Theanine

    L-theanine is an effective relief for anxiety and stress. It improves mood and focus by increasing normal chemical reactions that elicit relaxation and calmness. When stacked with green tea caffeine, both combine to form a powerful mood stabilizer which contributes to alert focus and is known as the productivity stack.


  • Spirulina
  • Spirulina is also a powerful antioxidant that lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer, and other infections. It also improves the immune system for better functioning, faster recovery, and decreased rate of inflammation.


  • Tapioca Dextrin
  • Tapioca dextrin is an alternative to flour that is gluten, soy, dairy, wheat, and nut free and is considered a functional fiber. It helps in the regulation of blood sugar, and lowers blood glucose levels subsequently decreasing risk for and symptoms of diabetes. Tapioca dextrin also promotes a healthy heart and better digestion.


    • Wheatgrass

    Wheatgrass contains antioxidant, anti-aging, and antibacterial properties. It is helpful in the immune system of the body leading to decreased inflammation and improved cellular repair. Wheatgrass is not the same as wheat, and will not trigger your gluten allergy, or any other wheat derivative. The only way wheatgrass is harmful for you is if you’re specifically allergic to it which would cause a histamine response.


  • MCT powder
  • As mentioned above, MCT powder is definitely a super ingredient in Momental Mind. This healthy and beneficial fat is known to promote better body and cognitive performance. It also helps you feel easily full and satiated for longer for increasing weight loss. MCT powder is guaranteed to be lean lifestyle friendly. That is to say you’ll burn more stored fat, eat less calories, and feel more energized as a result.

    Combining MCT powder with other healthy and whole food ingredients such as coconut oil, caffeine, L-theanine, and protein can help promote amazing health benefits for the body and the mind. This is observed with the all in one nootropic meal replacement, Momental Mind! Regular use of this blend will definitely provide optimum results to the mind and the body.

    How to take Momental Mind for Better Brain Health?

    Momental Mind comes in two varieties, unflavored and cocoa. It was formulated in powdered form for the following reasons:

    • Mind powdered supplements are better for the digestive system.
      • Mind nootropic supplements are well tolerated in the body, especially the gut and the digestive tract. The body will readily use and consume this for more optimized energy and better performance across a multitude of cognitive and physiologic functions.
    • Mind powdered supplements are easy to mix and combine.

      • The Mind powdered supplement combines and mixes a lot better. This can instantly mix with any foods, baked good, sauces, or beverages of your choice, whether hot or cold.
    • Mind powder supplements are more accessible.
      • The Mind powdered supplement offers convenience because they are easy to carry anywhere and anytime. Cravings will easily be satisfied while getting the most optimum results.

    *MCT in powdered form is also more economical and advantageous. Taste and appearance are not affected due to the composition and structure of MCTs.

    The simplest way to use Momental Mind is to mix 1 to 2 scoops of the powder with 8 to 10 ounces of water daily. Mind was formulated for everyday use for everyone looking to improve and push performance levels whether at work or in the gym. By taking daily you are raising available stores of choline, collagen, omega 3 fatty acids, organic greens and all their phytonutrient content, and really so much more. You can also opt to use in any of your favorite drinks, or simply with water. Some of our fan favorites include; coffee with cream, butter or ghee, coconut milk, or almond milk for a delicious addition to your morning routine.


    When to drink Momental Mind for Best Nootropic Effects?

    Drinking Momental Mind is highly recommended in the morning to increase energy for the day. However, it can also be taken whenever you feel like there is a need for more energy or improved hormone balance and physiologic function. Plan on going out, take Mind before hand to limit the negative effects of alcohol which include inflammation, dehydration and cellular damage. We advise taking it again in the morning after a rough night out as your brain and body will be depleted. It won’t prevent your hangover and it isn’t a cure, but it will drastically reduce symptoms and the negative side effects associated with alcohol consumption. Mind ensures that you can continuously perform physical activities and enhance mental output at all times. Most of our consumer feedback reports indicate that work productivity has increased on average of 2-3 hours, with users citing prolonged focus after the point in which they typically wane.

    Taken before a workout will also improve mental focus which improves performance. WBC/WCK Muay Thai Champion Mike Lemaire incorporates Mind into his training regimen, which requires intense focus for long durations. Always remember that Momental Mind is complete and real nutrition for the whole day. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a kickboxing champ to benefit from Mind. Putting long hours in at the office is enough.


    MCTs are for Brain and Body Health

    MCT or Medium-Chain Triglycerides are highly beneficial for providing fast clean energy. This extremely healthy saturated fat found in coconut, palm, and other whole food sources offers numerous health benefits. MCTs enhance physical and mental performance by supplying rapid energy while burning fat, increasing weight loss, and reducing overall caloric need. MCTs also ensure better cognitive performance through enhanced mental ability, memory, learning skills, focus, concentration, and mood. Stay mentally and physically fit with Momental Mind nootropic blend. It’s real nutrition for real recovery and real performance. See for yourself what a Momental mind can do for you!

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