Momental Herbal Nootropics

Our Story

As practicing clinicians we have worked tirelessly to aid the lives of our patients holistically and firmly believe that being healthy begins with proper nutrition.

You can exercise tirelessly but if you're not eating right or supplementing your diet with rich nutrients, you are likely to fall short of your health goals. 

We ultimately decided that in order to educate and benefit the greatest amount of people we had to leave our successful clinics behind. 

We’ve been experimenting for years trying to optimize the best all natural formula that would give us all the tools we desired for performance and productivity in all aspects of life.

We were less interested in bodybuilding formulas that push bulk and more interested in lean fitness and longevity. We were greedy though. We wanted to promote energy, focus, mental clarity, and also physical performance gains.

Basically we wanted to be our most active and physical selfs all day long until it was time to hit the pillow. Our greed didn’t stop there. Now we wanted to have the deepest sleep. Clear toxins and stressors from our body so that when we arose the next morning we would be ready to do it all over again.

Momental is for life performance. This is why we created Momental MIND and Momental MEND. Whatever your daily grind is we know you’ll be best equipped to own it and crush it.

Dr. Christopher Austin, DPT, CSCS has extensive experience in guiding patients to optimal health through nutrition and diet consultation as well as treating orthopedic injuries by restoring musculoskeletal balance through proper movement.