Momental Herbal Nootropics

Frequently Asked Questions

What are "nootropics"?

Nootropics are any functional food, drug or supplement that enhance cognitive function. They are essentially a class of products that help with mental output. Our products are completely safe to consume and are not unapproved drugs, they are complete supplement products.

Where's the science?

Why should I use nootropics?

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Why is MIND in powder form?

Why is MEND in capsule form?

Will Momental MEND make me drowsy?

What are the best uses for Momental MIND?

What are the best Uses for Momental MEND?

Will MIND clump when I mix it?

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Is phenibut addictive?

I took Mind last night for the first time and had very vivid dreams, why?

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Are there any contraindications with medications?

Are Momental Mind & Mend safe for pregnant and/or breastfeeding women?