Momental Herbal Nootropics

Why A Nootropic Meal Replacement? The Case For Momental Mind & Mend.

What are Nootropics?

Nootropics are functional foods, vitamins, supplements, and even drugs that enhance cognitive function based on the way they directly or indirectly influence cellular processes contributing to brain activity. Cognitive function is simply our ability to use our knowledge, memory, spatial awareness and information processing skills to make decisions and execute them. These are the mental foundations for productivity and success. 

You’ve heard about "smart drugs" before, but this catch all term merely implies any beneficial substance that promotes positive brain activity. However, we do not use any drugs in our nootropic blends.

We all want to think clearer, react quicker, and remember all the information we ingest. Why not give our mind and body the necessary building blocks to enhance our daily thought processes and increase creative energy the natural way?

If Alzheimer’s and dementia patients are recommended specific nootropics for memory impairment, shouldn’t we explore these nutrients for mind benefits at all ages and prior to impairment?

This is why we created Momental Mind and Momental Mend for supporting on-the-go daily mental and physical performance and deep, restorative sleep.

We know you want to be fit and our blends help with that. You also don’t stress over making it to the farmers market every morning, but you still want to ingest quality, nutritional food.

What do you eat when the options seem endless? Do you need more energy, more focus, improved physicality or just better sleep? You don’t really know, but you kind of want it all.

You want to be healthy but without all the added fuss. We formulated Mind to increase mental energy, prolong sustained focus, speed up cognitive processing, and improve metabolism. Wake up with organic greens, MCT, collagen peptides, omega 3 fatty acids, BCAAs and of course herbal nootropics. Mind is a complete brain and body solution to optimize productivity and achieve your goals through enhanced physical and mental performance.

Our Mind formula allows you to scoop, shake, drink and be out the door tackling your day knowing you have the nutrients you need.

Yes YOUR day, whatever that means to you... 

Whether solving complex problems at work or sorting logistical nightmares that would make anyone’s head spin.

Picking up the kids from school with energy support to boot for some much needed play time.

Dominating your pickup league after work. Meeting deadline after deadline and then doing it all over again. Momental works for you.

When you're ready to wind down after a long workday, simply take Mend capsules with water to decrease stress and improve relaxation the natural way. Mend is formulated to help you recover from daily stressors, decrease anxiety, repair damaged neural tissue, and achieve deep, restorative sleep. 

Making your own success begins with your most productive and rested self. So get out there and start creating moments that are truly Momental.